Snatch Form Check

[quote]shadowbobo8028 wrote:

So, it’s not a terrible lift, there are many worse out there. But, there are A LOT of individually errors to fix one at a time. Start with a couple changes, upload a new video when those a fixed, and we can go from there.

Need to tighten, straighten (and keep tight and straighter) your back. From the lumbar up through thoracic should be straight. Set the lats but engaging the bar inward. If you keep this engaged you won’t have the bar out so far in front which is error number 2.

#3. You’re pulling to soon. Need to hit power position and extend the hips through, that is the spot where you drop the catch the bar.

  1. Straighten back
  2. Keep bar into body
  3. Pull after extension of hips and body
  4. Practice & repost video.