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Snatch Form Check


Got into OL a few months ago, any input/criticism appreciated.


another attempt




70kg x 3


Hips in a lower position before you start the pull.

Your upper back is very rounded. Puff the chest out and keep your back rigid.

Sweep the bar in with the lats as you pull off the floor.

You are not finishing the pull at all. Be patient with the bar, the bar should make some slight contact with the hips.


thanks, I'll try to straighten my back, but that's realy difficult, because a have a natural hump and no matter how much I try and 'puff' my chest , the upper back still stays rounded, but I'll give it a go. Probably I'll need to be closer to the bar when starting out so as to be able to retract my shoulder blades.


Well it's obvious you're very strong. I'd wager also that you're quite tall which makes it a bit difficult to get into a proper position to start the first pull. I also think that you're rushing the first pull a bit and you're unable to lead with your chin.

It doesn't look like a seasoned oly-lifter's snatch, but you're still moving big weights quite comfortably, so I would not worry about it too much. When you work with lighter weights, try and start your lift from a better position and be patient. With time, you will be able to lift more with you legs.


Hips a tad lower, this will help you keep a more flat back. Try it without any weight on the bar just to see if you can keep a flat back position.

You need to sweetp the bar in towards your upper thighs. At the moment the bar is not touching your body at all.

The closer the bar is to upper thigh/ waist the better it is = more power. Use yoru lats to do this, keep your arms straight.

Punch the bar up as you go down. Your first rep you look soft, the 2nd rep was a lot better.

Do a few over head squats to get more stable but with more practice you will be a lot sharper in this position.

Looks good overall imo. Just work on the above and you will shift a lot more weight in due time :slight_smile:



thanks for the advices guys. will post some new vids soon as a checkup. And to Archieandfrieds - Yup, I'm quite tall - 194cm.


People say it's all about proportions, but I tend to think that absolute length of your shin and thighbones make it a bit more difficult. I'm a couple of cm shorter than you, and for a while I lifted with a rounded back because after two surgeries my hip-mobility was not in shape. There just seems to be too much back, belly, legs and whatever between my shoulders and the bar. Your body compensates where it can and usually this is your back.

Koing's advice is good (as it always seems to be) about lowering your hips. I think you need to position yourself between your thighs more. Working with an empty bar can help, but you can also load a lot and just work on the position by grabbing the bar. If you cannot pull yourself to a straight back, you should feel where the problem is. Partials etc. could help as well but we're in any case talking about only minor tweaks here.


Get some videos of you with the bar, that will be able to tell you whats what. But keep at it and you'll be good.

OLifting is a learnt skill and won't come over night but you can get to about 80% good technique within a few weeks if not sooner with a good coach imo.



tried to work on it (lowering hips, straightening back) for the last two days (I snatch twice a day). I feel like I am getting better with it allready. lowered my hips and spread my legs. In the starting position I'm litteraly at the very bottom (ass touching calfs).

I spread my legs more and rotated toes slightly outwards ( I used to snatch with a quite narrow stance and toe pointing straight). In this way, my knees are much less in my way when lifting the bar. I will post a vid in a few days..


Glad to hear it working mate. Post a video so we can see and critique, but once it's done it's done so you won't hae to spend so much time doing it again!