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Snatch Form Check


Hi guys,
I train olympic lifting since about 3 month. I don't have coach, so any constructive tips from you are welcome. I want to correct any major mistake before it gets to late :slight_smile:
This is very close to my 100%

by the way, I'm sorry for the video, I had to rotate it and it decreased a lot the quality


didn't work i'll try again


Pretty text book imo. Keep doing what your doing, you look good, strong receive over head.

I thought it was 120kg at first!

And welcome here mate! Good to see another lifter! What do you CJ and FS?



Very smooth! Just my 2 cents.


Thx for reply.
I made pretty fast gain on Sn but my CJ and FS are clearly weak. Right now it looks like

Sn: 102
Cj: 113
Fs: 116

I took the first 2 months to work on technique using video on Youtube
My problem is that I don't have legs strenght. I will focus a lot on Fs and Bs soon.
And yes, These are 45 pounds plates and not 25 Kg :wink:


Just curious as to what other sports you've done in the past. I've only just started "proper" training (proper like with an actual oly bar & more than once a week) the last couple of months myself & that's been with a coach.

Ok so I'm kind of jealous of your technique that you learned on your own :wink:


Very strong for your FS. You got to hammer heavy on the lifts and the squats. Once your squats go up your lifts will really fly!

You got any CJ videos?



minimaltechno : I've did boxing for few years. I stopped 2 years ago.

Koing : I don't have any yet. I will post one soon. I'm still at a point that if I can clean it, I can jerk it pretty easy.

(sorry if it sounds weird, my english isn't that good)


Wow, excellent ratio! Your arms must be strong.


He has a strong pull. Very few lifters that I know have a strong pull with a relatively weak squat. The strongest I know has done 130kg Sn but barely breaks 160kg front squat...he is very fast and powerful but weak on squats.




Goodmorning !

Here's some of my yerterday lifts. It was a terrible workout, felt weak. (just finished a streak of 7 nights at work)
I missed the 111 attempt.. I usually never miss at that weight, I just gave up, no gaz at all during this trainig.

just as for the snatch if you think i should correct something on the form let me know ! :slightly_smiling:

I will post some new stuff in few months hopefully with some gains !

Have a good day