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Snatch Form Check...


just beginning olympic lifting and trying to teach myself. here is a 135lbs snatch, please critique...


you starting position should look like that. yours does not. When your snatching your arming too much, your pretty much forgetting bout your hips. The bars coming too far away from your body when you get to your hips.

http://www.pendlay.com/Snatch-progression-series_df_54.html this are very helpful. also someone else on here will probably go into more detail.


I'm no expert, but it looks like you're just standing up. I'd suggest a more powerful hip drive (think jump).


I don't see you exploding at all at the right moment.

First lesson: Learn to do proper hang snatches.

After that, your snatch form will dramatically improve... You then post a new video with new flaws to work on. We are here for you!


Those lifts were nearly silent. Youtube some Olympic snatches and listen, they literally are humping the bar and banging it off high upper thigh/pelvic bone area. Like the above post mentioned, looks like you are just throwing it up with a shrug and arms.

Think that you arms are just cables and not there to really pull the weight but to hold on to it. You'll know when you hit a snatch correctly because the bar hauls ass vertically and thats when you quickly done under and lock it out.


yeah the reason it doesn't look explosive is the mainly because of what psychbiker said. Just watch the pulling of the arms. Other than that it should look better.