Snatch Form Assistance

Hey could I get some feedback on my snatch form. I currently do not have access to a coach, and can use all the help I can get. The vid is with 135lb, my current max is 170.

Thanks in advance.

Seems the video did not come through. Repost please?

sorry about that apparently I can’t load quick time files.

Well the hip pop in the second pull is good, the sweep is good from above knees to hip crease, and the bottom of the catch is good.

You are pulling around your knees in a zig zag from the floor though. And you are cutting the extension of the hips short. You are also swinging the bar out away from your body after the second pull instead of keeping it close. Look at the end of the metal sleeve on the bar–it creates a small oval after the second pull. It will not probably be perfectly straight but it should probably be smaller/straighter than it is in your video.

To contrast, look at the hip extension you are getting when the bar reaches your hip crease and the extension here:

His chest gets much higher than yours and his hips extend much further.

Thanks for the feedback, I will work on these things tommorow a.m. when I train next.
Any suggestions on how to properly push off the floor so as to avoid zig-zagging around the legs?

Appreciate the insight.

Can’t see the video from my phone where i currently am posting for some reason, so unfortunately i cannot say with detail. But in general it is not a matter of pulling around the knee as much as pulling the knees BACK out of the way of the bar.

Off the top of my head i would say look up some Tommy Kono vids on youtube as i believe he has a couple where he goes into depth on technical issues.

Another thing is that, although it looks like your balance is ok from what i remember of the video it is not in front of me so i dont remember. At any rate, balance point during the lift off and initial acceleration is going to be over the arch of the foot. Not too far backwards and certainly (obviously) not forward on the balls of the feet.

There is a trick that may or may not be useful for you, altough it is usually done with a partner/coach watching you. I find it is usually helpful although certainly not a rule. In this drill you perform a series of repetitions of initial pulls (i.e. Not to the second pull, but just to above the knees and to lower or mid thigh), with a broomstick held directly in front of the barbell sleeve, nearly touching it. The goal is to maintain proper balance point and position during the pull and to never let the bar push the broomstick out of plumb. You might be able to do the drill using the edge of your power rack.

I would perform the pull to just above the knees, and i would perform it slowly at first and work up to a normal first pull speed for you. Definitely use a weight that is not challenging at all, and in fact light. Particularly if you are doing this before the actual goal of your snatch workout or in between full sets of the actual exercise. It ia a balance ans tech drill, not a partial deadlift set :).

I know this is no finished product, but is this start an improvement? I feel like I may be changing my back angle a bit too much, but my legs seem to be pushing off the floor and getting my legs out of the way.
I think the bar being close to the body during the pull, and a more full extension are still very much hit and miss.

Thanks for the help,


your still not extending the hips through enough. I have the same problem. The best way to perfect it in my opinion is to practice with only a heavy enough weight that you can properly extend the hips fully. At higher weights I suffer the same problem and end up muscling the bar up instead of popping it off the hips.

Work those light weights (probably 95# or so for you) and get comfortable fully extending hips. Make sure your hip flexors aren’t too tight as well as those will make full extension nearly impossible. Roll out the upper quads and IT band before your pulls.

Overall pretty damn good form though. I’d say yours is better than mine. I can’t watch myself on video without fighting the urge to vomit.

Mike, you are doing fine. Your pull mechanics are quite solid, and the bar path thing - don’t overthink that - your path is the classic S-shape that it should be. You look to be in good balance and have a solid bottom position. Just keep snatching frequently, mostly with loads in the 70-85% range at this point, and you will progress quickly. Don’t screw it up by trying to “think” to much about microcomponents of a complex skill. Nice, nice job getting to this point.

Thanks for the help. I might post back in a few weeks, see if I can finally get these hips to extend.

This is from today. I still feel like I could get a bit more extension. This was a pr. I barely missed 90kg/200lb today twice.

Any other form/positional issues?



Can’t follow the link but based on the other 2 focus on your start position first and foremost. Everything else will flow from that. Get your back tighter/chest up more and get your shoulders over the bar/very slightly in front. Elbows out/pronated.

link should be good now, i can never get it to work via mobile.

Well the catch position I am seeing on the last video looks golden to me brother.

Thanks man. Are there any issues you see from this vid? I’m not sure if I want to devote my next cycle or two to getting stronger, or if I should continue to pound the classic lifts.

get your shoulders slightly more over the bar at the start, you’re looping slightly and catching the bar a bit behind. re routine, I’d suggest lift, pull and squat most sessions. it’s not an either or you can get stronger and focus on classics.

Thank you Charlie, I appreciate the advice/feedback.