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Snatch-First Pull


I have been having a problem with the bar swinging forward as soon as it breaks from the floor. I've tried to fix this by starting with my hips as low as possible and my torso as upright as possible. I also have been starting with the bar over my front toes. However I am still getting the "pendulum" effect. Any suggestions on how to get the bar to swing towards me instead of away? Thanks


Get your shoulders over the bar more when you come off the floor. There is debate whether this should happen at the set-up, or your torso should move forward to cover the bar during the first pull, but that is the biggest issue I see. Your shoulders stay behind the bar the entire lift.


how heavy is the bar?

i ask because i find the bar is more inclined to swing back towards me off the floor (good) rather than swing out away from me (bad) when the bar weighs more than i do.

when the bar weighs more than i do it tries to pull me forwards. to counter that i need to transition my weight from the midfoot / ball of the foot at the start to the heel. some people say that actively contracting your lats will help it swing back but everett has this article on the first pull where he reckons that it simply will happen all by itself once the weight gets heavy enough.

one possibility is that there isn't room for the bar to swing back without taking your kneecaps off. if that is the case you need to frog your legs out to the sides more.

experiment with vids and see what seems to result in a good barpath.


^^^This and push more with your legs. Your back is doing all the work in this vid.


You need to get your shoulders over the bar more, this will help you go verticle with the bar. The way you are rising you are pulling backwards. once you pass the knees with the bar, you need to get your knees under- the double knee bend- so your glutes are primed to push. Also, rise from the chest to keep your back angle; you're pulling with your back too much and hips are rising at the mid point.


I don't know what you guys mean when you say that I am pulling with my back. Won't I use the back even more if I move the shoulders out further over the bar? Thanks


Lean slightly over the bar.

The main issue imo is the bar going AROUND your knees, you won't be able to get a heavy weight to move like that. Also it's a big technical error which will hamper your lifts when the weights get heavy. Much easier to just have it sweep in towards your thighs then finish off the 2nd pull.

Stay a tad over the bar.