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snatch deadlifts on the podium


long-time reader, first-time poster...
I've been doing deadlifts for the last 3-4 months after learning about the importance of them here...so far I've been doing Poliquin's deadlifts on the podium. I use one of those step aerobic platforms (approx. 4 in off the ground). However, someone pointed out to me today that my lower back is curving and they were right. No matter how I change my position/form I can't prevent my lower back from curving slightly at the start of the lift. Is it because of my height 6'1"? I have long legs but they are proportional to my trunk. Has anyone else this tall (or taller) successfully performed this exercise? Should I just do regular deadlifts of the floor? I did notice that I can do them with no lower back curvature doing deadlifts off the floor. Maybe I answered my own question but I was interested in other people's feedback.


Randman: I perform a lot of Snatch-deads. I've noticed that I have to squat down about five or 6 inches further on a Snatch Dl than I do on a conventional. I can hold a tight arch pretty darn well. If you put me on a 4 inch step, I'd still be able to hold my arch, although it would be a challenge (would have to use about 25% less weight). Rand, you're 4 and a 1/2 inches taller then me.... so that would be like me standing on an 8 inch block. At that height my posture would resemble a dog shitting a peach seed!!!


At your height I think you're range of motion is long enough deadlifting off the floor.


LOL Joey Z. Good advice. I'm sticking to traditional deadlifts off the floor.


I do my full-range-of-motion deads off a 12" platform with a flat back - and I'm 6'1".

BUT I've been doing martial arts forever and have decent flexibility. Not typical.

I do my heavy deads from power rack pins set about 3" below knee level, and while I'm certainly not the expert, in the long run I don't see that anyone NEEDS to do them any lower than that (excluding competitors).

So I say go only as low as proper form allows and you'll be fine.


The back curvature isn't bad per se; in fact, it's sometimes good to do deadlifts that involve actual spinal extension. But I'd go lighter when you do them. For heavy deads, stick to a ROM that allows you to keep a flat back.


that is an impressive ROM for your height. Your knees must be hitting your chin in the start position.


randman - I'll see if I can get picks :wink:


im 6 foot and have no problems doing the same lift with good form. i did them yesterday.


With a "snatch-grip," Goldberg? Were you able to touch the floor with the weights and pause before coming up? If so, cool :slight_smile: