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Snatch Critique


I have been working on the Olympic lifts on my own for a few months now (no access to a club or coach) Recently I read that I should try lowering my hips on the 1st pull, because I have long legs. The video is my first attempt at this. I have to say that the lift did feel a lot smoother than usual, although it was only 80% of my 1RM.

Also I read that if using the low hip position, that when working on strength one should focus more on the legs than the back. I do three workouts per week and do back squats 2x per week and fronts squats 1x per week, as well as good mornings and RDL's. Is that enough? Currently my C&J pr is 70% of my back squat 1RM and my snatch is only 50% of my squat 1rm. It seems I have to work on technique..no? Thanks for any help


I think that that amount of leg work should definitely be enough, and I would train oly lifts as oly lifts trying to PR in those, and not worry about the % of your 1RM; because, as you do your other stuff as long as you get stronger there, there is potential to get stronger in the oly lifts.


You are lifting your hips up too fast. Your back angle should be consistent until you get to the top of your knees into the second pull. Remember to drive your heels through the floor to China. It will help to lift up your toes to get that weight on the heels.

Also, don't worry about percentages at first. Focus on a weight where it is challenging but you can do it properly to ingrain proper bar path.


Firt part is correct.

There is a transition of your weight from about mid foot to your heels then back on to your toes as you drive your hips in and up.

BUT DO NOT THINK OF THE WEIGHT TRANSFER. Just have your feet planted, pull the bar in (which you do well, but you bent your arms to do this, keep your arms straight and use your lats) and then drive with your hips, make sure you get your head up high. If your head goes up high the rest of your body will follow!

You finish well but the main issue I see is your hips hike up too fast relative to your chest = you tilt forwards. Watch the video again slowly, you will see this.

At 80% it won't matter too much, but when your hitting a heavy weight it will hurt your lifts a lot.

Focus on chest up and drive witht he legs, hip to shoulder angle should be pretty constant for the most part. Changes as you start the 2nd pull though.

Looks pretty good overall!



Yes my hips rising too fast has been a problem. On that lift I was actually concentrating on not doing that, so you can imagine how fast my hips rise when I don't pay attention to them! Maybe I would spend some time on deadlifts or pulls?

My other big problem is when the weight goes up, my snatch turns into a power snatch. I'm going to spend some time doing snatch balances and snatch from the hips to try to get under the bar quicker. Thanks for the help


No Dl or pulls. Just FOCUS on keeping your hips down, if this doesn't work then I'd do pulls to mid thigh. Work a weight that is about 60% of your 1RM, do 4reps, post a video. See how it is. Keep adding the weight, this EXECISE IS AN EXERCISE IN CONDITIONING, NOT A MUSCLE BUILDER. Once you get use to doing this with your legs you will be fine and you can ditch the exercise.

More bar work and a few doubles at increasing weights from 80% to increase confidence under the bar. It's a lack of conditioning when a lifter PS instead of full Sn imo. I never had to deal with this as I've always had a coach and I did a lot of bar work. I know it goes up and I go down, done. No issues. Doesn't mean you'll get it inthe right place though lol.



Thanks for the info Koing. I think that part of the reason I've been raising my hips, is to pull the knees in and get them out of the way the bar. I'll work on that.


The pulls to mid thigh will also teach you to use your lats to pull the bar in straight arms and to not hike your hips. A very good exercise to condition you to do the 1st pull correctly.



If you are that low in the starting position, you are left with only two options. Raise the hips to a higher position anyway (mid-lift) or pull around the knees. So I would recommend experimenting to find a good starting position. :slight_smile:

Take a bar with a couple of light weights (for correct height) and try just lifting the bar to just below the knees (without changing back angle) and back a couple of times. Try this with different positions of the hip, until you find one that works well for you.

You don't need completely straightened legs, as long as you can traverse the knees efforlessly.