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Snatch- Critique my Form


Here's some footage from yesterday's workout. Any feedback would be appreciated. I've been O-lifting for about 3 months now.


Hi pah862,

Have you taught yourself? If so, good job, you look pretty good technically.

One point I picked up on is that your hips are incredibly low in your starting position. In some of the snatches they look lower than your actual knees which is a pretty weak starting position to be in. Because of this it also appears that your shoulders are behind the bar right from the start of the movement which means the bar is having to move out around your knees and then back in again during the first pull. Now it doesn't seem to be affecting you massively at the moment, but I expect this is because you are able to control the weights, whereas when you're snatching 1.5x BW it won't be as easy.

It's an easy problem to address. 1) Keep your hips up higher 2) get you shoulders over the bar a bit more (this will probably happen naturally from raising your hips)

Once again though GOOD job. Once you've increased your leg strength a bit I reckon you'll be able to shift some decent weights


you've got long legs (like me). that can make it hard to get your knees out the way. i frog mine a bit. externally rotate the hips and push the knees out hard to the sides. can kind of run the bar up the inside of my leg.

i'm lifting with a hips down style, too. Everett has an article on it. On why keeping the hips down might be preferred to starting with higher hips. It does weaken the pull - but it sets you up better for a vertical rather than horizontal second pull.

you have good mobility to get so low down in the squat - but you seem to be bottoming out a bit instead of hitting a tight bottom position. remember you want to hold a lumbar arch!

nice work.


Looks good overall, you need to start with your shoulders just over the bar, it shows when you miss the 125 at the end, it was a marginal miss mate, your behind the bar at the start and they stay behind for the most part,

Start over and you'll make it, go at it again, have at least 2-3 attempts mate, you'd have gotten that!



Thanks guys. My hips were previously too high in the starting position, so now I'm probably over compensating, which is putting my shoulders behind the bar.

@Weighty1, I'm sort of self taught. I have a coach whom I've been meeting with once a month and corresponding via email. I'm also about halfway through Everett's Guide to Olympic Weightlifting.


Your explosion is starting as soon as the bar gets past your knees.... that is a No-GO. You gotta keep pulling until the bar is on the crook of your hips.

Do these drills by coach Glenn Pendlay,
a. http://californiastrength.com/videos/viewvideo/53/snatch/olympic-weightlifting-snatch-tips-by-glenn-pendlay
b. http://californiastrength.com/videos/viewvideo/54/snatch/olympic-weightlifting-snatch-tip-second-pull-by-glenn-pendlay
1 http://californiastrength.com/videos/viewvideo/41/snatch/snatch-video-how-to-part-one
2 http://californiastrength.com/videos/viewvideo/42/snatch/snatch-video-how-to-part-two
3 http://californiastrength.com/videos/viewvideo/43/snatch/snatch-video-how-to-part-three

see where they are exploding?

The floor part is easy to get good at, the hard part (plus where most of the work is involved) is in the 2nd pull. I recommend you focus on that first... so lotta work from hips and bellow the knees.

p.s in my experience, "bellow the knee" snatch/clean are WAY more beneficial than "hang" snatch/cleans. Its too easy to mess up your position/form in a "hang" lift.


Neospartan, thanks a ton for those Pendlay videos, they've been immensely helpful.


Just what I needed. Got it, explosion at crook of hip.


Hmm, this one was most useful, as it has shown me my DIY set up at home isn't ideal. I'm using a York bar and unfortunately cannot get my grip wide enough. Now I already suspected this as I have mainly used an olympic bar where I could get my grip wide enough. My grip has the bar about 2-3 inches below the ideal point. I'm going back to a proper training place in a couple of weeks but also like a home set up. Sigh.....


Thank you for these videos, they are great. I am going to start using the drills in my training. I think it will help a lot.