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Snatch/Clean and Jerk Form Critique


Hey, okay so I recently got really interested in Olympic Lifting, and I tried the snatch at the gym yesterday for the first time.. and fell, so I've been practicing today with my EZ curl bar because it's all I have at home.. Can someone tell me if I'm doing it right? If not what am I doing wrong?


Looks like you don't really have an idea of how the motion actually has to look like.

Check out this picture:

This should give you at least an idea of the motion pattern. If you're really interested in olympic lifting, I strongly recommend joining a weightlifting club for proper coaching.


I really have no idea what I'm doing to be honest, after making this thread, I was comparing my form to Olympic lifters in competition (i know there form isnt the greatest when theyre going for max's but it gave me an idea) and I realized what I was doing was totally off..
I'm guessing joining a weightlifting club is going to cost me a lot of money, which I don't really have, so untill I get a job I can't really do that unfortunately



focus on extending your hips. that's where all the power comes from, but you hardly extend yours at all. and don't worry about your feet, this isn't a jump. one thing that helped me learn to punch the hips through was just trying to keep my feet glued to the floor and putting all my focus on the hips. watch more videos of elite lifters and see how tall they are at the finish of the pull. hips and knees for the most part are fully extended.


So instead of trying to like jump a little, I should push as hard as I can with my hips? I'll definitely try that, am I supposed to push with the hips the same as in a deadlift?



use this. Save yourself months of frustration.


Thank you! I think after watching that my form got much better! here's a video of me today:

it was my first time with an Olympic bar..
Here's my C&J (first time doing a full clean and jerk(push jerk or whatever, not split):


Will joining a club be more expensive than a regular gym? At least my club doesn't want any money from me (because I'm a student) and even if I had to pay for membership, it would be something like 50 euros per year. The same goes for every other club in my town. A regular gym in comparison costs 30-50 euros per month but I don't know how it works in your city.


Well I live in Canada so our currency is obviously different, I'm a student as well, but the prices for students and adults are the same, I found a weightlifting facility that is $60 for 1 year + $17 for coaching