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Snatch/C&J Critique


bodyweight: 62 kg
max snatch: 75 kg
max c&j: 87.5 kg

been training for about 5 months now


You're already pretty good for someone who has only been training for 5 months! Do you have any previous weight training experience?

BTW the colors of the plates confuse me. How heavy are blue and yellow?


thanks! before oly lifting i trained mostly for sports and just to be athletic. so lots of heavy compound lifts paired with explosive movements. then i started doing olympic lifts and i just got addicted to them. its actually green i think the lack of lighting makes them look blue. those are 10kg and yellow is 15kg.


Welcome mate!

Technique looks very very polished for 5months!

Only minor critiques
-on your PS and PC you open up well but you finish towards the end of the lfit a bit slow. You don't snap through to lock out on the PS or finish hard and fast on the PC. A bit slow on the receive, you wait for the bar to meet you, you sould be ready for it already
-Snatch the first video from behind, your elbows are pointing backwards, i'd turn them so they point along the bar and thus upwards towards the sky, helps keep the bar closer to you.

Overall technique is very good mate!

What are your squt numbers like?



thanks for all the help. been working on staying more upright during start position. hopefully it looks a bit better now. back squat is about 106 and front squat about 95


Your stats (except weight, I'm 72kg) are pretty much like mine.


Looks better, just a bit more focus but it looks good.

You done any comps mate? Enter man you'll have a lot of fun!