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Snatch Block Pull for Deadlift Assistance


Hi guys,

So I was wondering what should I use as DL assistance on BB. I’ve had and still have some minor back troubles, and thus I seldom pull off the floor. I use Sumo off blocks for 5/3/1. As for assistance, I’d like to use a different movement. I was hesitanting between snatch grip block pulls and normal block pulls. I’m opting towards snatch pulls, as they hit the upper back and forearms harder, while having to use less weight on them.

I think they are slightly more stressful on the lower back. My question is, doing those lighty for 5*5 with 95-125 kg will create some muscle growth, or I should rather raise the blocks a bit and stick with heavier block pulls? The only reasons I do this movement is growth and strengthening the lumbar area.

My 1rm is like 350 but I’m sure I could hit somewhere around 4 plates on the snatch block pull, I just put less as that’s what recommended. So, what is better for growth? Lighter snatch pulls or slightly heavier block pulls? Pics of snatch pull attached.


If powerlifting is the objective, I would train my competition stance first, then back off the weight and do these for reps. Either as my second lift in the 3-5 rep range or third lift in the 8-15 range.

If you’re only interested in growth, I would ask the guys in the bodybuilding section.


Thank you for your reply. I will ask in Bodybuilding as well, as I train my sumo as comp lift and this would be simply for growth.