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Snatch and C&J Technique


I need to nail both these lifts in five weeks for an S and C examination.

Can anybody help me out with some links to some good rescources for perfecting these lifts?

Ive just read Charles Staley’s articles on the Snatch on T Nation but am struggling to get some good sources with videos and pictures to help me perfect it.

Ive been practising and will upload my technique onto vid today so hopefully some of you more experienced O lifters can give me some advice.

Anything at all would be greatly appreciated.


I tired to teach them to myself a while back and i concluded that it was not possible to do them well. If you need to be good enough to pass some kind of test you probably need a choach.

Although you may be a natural at them and can do them easily i have had a hard time. I am able to do them now after 4 month of training but i have consistency problems.
There are a ton of little things that go togeather to make them happen.

If you don’t have any lifting shoes buy some they make a huge difference in starting position. Werk San makes some cheaper shoes that work great i have a pair of them. Flexability is also a killer streach your hams, glutes groin, and calves every day.

Not being consistent in these lifts will make you bomb at competitions and possibly hurt yourself.

5 weeks? Get a coach! You might be able to cobble together something passable in that amount of time with someone who knows what they’re doing…

Where in Ireland are you based?


check it out. its all by Gayle Hatch

WTF kind of S&C examination asks you to “perfect” movements that people spend their entire athletic careers practicing?