Snatch and C&J Form Check

Hey guys been lurking around the site forever. Been dabbling in a little bit of everything for years (bodybuilding, powerlifting, crossfit, etc.). Recently decided to get serious about Oly lifting. Would appreciate any pointers on my technique.

no video

Alright guys I think I figured out how to load the video.


Well I’m interested in what the feedback for this is, because I’d say this is about what I look like when I perform the movements, except my split stance landing in the jerk is with my feet farther apart. I feel like the middle of our snatches are a little off somehow…like they aren’t as smooth as they’re supposed to be…but I don’t really know why.

Okay. So I there are three components I look for when I coach a lift. Technique, timing and tempo.


First, technique is solid. Congratulations! :slight_smile: Starting position is good. Can’t see the rest that good, since it is so fast, but looks sweety.

Second, timing is way off. I would call this a power snatch + overhead squat. :slight_smile:

If you are working with weights that you can handle with relative ease, you can’t stop ignoring technique and timing. The movement patterns you use will eventually stick (after about 10,000 lifts) and you want the real stuff to stick.

This is one of the hardest things to do in weightlifting, but only use as much force as is required to get the lift! Don’t over-pull. You should be able to clear any lift under 95% of your max. with the same technique and timing.

So, to work on your timing in the snatch, first establish a timing “measure”. In the snatch, a good timing measure would be “when the bar reaches the highest point, I will be sitting under it with arms fully extended.”

Now, a good progression to start off could be:

  1. Place a bar on your back with a snatch grip. Now squat down and press the bar up at the same time. When you reach the bottom, your arms come to full extension. Repeat.

  2. Now do the same thing, but “drop” down into the sit. Your arms should still only come fully extended in the bottom.

  3. Now do snatches with the bar starting at a hang at the hip. Still. Arms extend at the same time as you come to the bottom.

  4. Full snatch with same timing. IF! you over-pull, or extend to fast, do not! perform an overhead squat. Catch it there. Feel how it feels. Adjust the timing the next lift.

A good self queue when snatching is “Up! Up!”. That is, pull, stand up. Never think “down”.


Technique looks pretty solid here as well.

Timing. Pretty much the same as the snatch. Don’t catch and squat. Catch and stand up. And if you’re going to jerk, jerk! Don’t jump and put your feet apart “'cause you’re supposed to”. :slight_smile: Try to rely on timing instead of strength in the jerk.

So basically. Establish timing “measures” and work towards them.

And also, whatever you do, never lift in front of the mirror! :slight_smile:

You have crisp technique, tempo is good. Now work on your timing, and your lifts will be beautiful!

Good luck!

Drenmi just want to say thanks man! After reading your comments I watched the videos again and I am definitely power snatching/cleaning. Will be working on my timing!

No problems! Just keep training and you’ll do great. :slight_smile: