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Snatch Advice


Here's the video of a missed snatch that I promised. This attempt is at 80 kg, which is frustrating because I nailed this on Wednesday and came really close to 85 kg which would've been a pr. I felt good Wed, like I was really extending into the 2nd pull, but today it felt pretty shitty and you can see from the video that I was chopping it. I wish I had a vid from the other day to compare. Anyway, if anyone's got any advice, feel free to throw it at me.



I'm no expert by all means but...

  • bar is not close to the body
  • you're not fully extending
  • looks like your ass is going up first with the upper body following
  • you're jumping forward which is often an indicator for incorrect bar path


X2. Especially the ass going up first. Didn't really notice a forward jump, but if the ass moves first, the rest won't be right.