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Snatch 225lbs & CnJ 315lbs in 69kg or 77kg class?


How much do I need to be able to back squat/front squat to have the strength for those lifts?

I'm guessing 405lb BS and 315lb+ FS to be able to do those lifts so they are clean and crisp.

My long term goals are a 225lb Snatch & 315 CnJ for the 69kg or 77kg class (I'm 160 right now, but have a bit of fat on me). I'm working on technique right now for Oly lifts, but figured I should write down the goals for my squats so I know what I should be shooting for.

I'm sure this will be a quick answer, thanks!


I can give you a couple rules of thumb but everyone is different. Folks say you should be able to clean and jerk your 3 rep max front squat. So you should be able to do about 315 as triple or about 350 as a single FS. 400 back squat will barely scrape you by with only average technique.

You should be snatching well over 225 if you have the power for a 315 clean. Most lifters snatch 85% of their CJ.

Are you looking for max total or are you wanting to snatch 2 blues and clean 3 blues/side? Shoot for a 115/135k vs 100/142k.


Here’s Wang Jie (69K) squatting 170 at the junior worlds.
of course its a couple of days before she competed so she’s not maxing.

She put up 111 in the snatch and 145 in the CnJ at the spring nationals so that’s in the ballpark that your aiming for.
That was good enough for 3rd.
which ain’t bad for a junior!



Thanks for the feedback fellas. So I want to be able to hit 300+ for my C&J. My first goal is to get to 225, but once I do that 300 will be the next.

So I guess if my C&J is like 300 my snatch will at least be 275 or so.


nah if your clean is 300 your snatch is gonna be about 45 pounds below that. And be careful because what you can clean is not always what you can jerk as well. When I was on an olympic lifting team the general rule was that the average person is going to have a snatch 20 kg under their clean and jerk. People differ depending on their proficiency in the lifts, but that is the general rule for your average lifter. In terms of strength I believe that the chinese say that the likelihood of you making the lift depends on how much your back squat compares to your front squat.

If your 20kg over then your chances are lower, 30kg over and your about average, 40 kg over and you should have no problems in terms of strength for the lift. So the chick in the video^ is actually right where she needs to be in terms of strength. I think that back squat is 25kg over her clean and jerk, so her true back squat maybe puts her at 35kg over her competition clean and jerk. hope that helps…


I’d be happy to clean 315 with a 405 front squat…

I’d say with good technique you should be around a 365 FS max for a 315 clean, 250-275ish snatch


First of all, start thinking in terms of KG’s!! Second of all, find a coach and they will guide you right.