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Snap's Survey


Here's the question. I want to know what three accessory exercises you think give you the biggest bang for your buck in terms of driving up the 1 RM of squat, bench, and DL. So you can give me three accessory exercises for each lift. Thanks for the feedback.


I hav'nt done deadlifts since I started, but for the squat, I think good mornings have been great. I am an awful Bench Presser, but I think anything that makes your triceps stronger is going to help. I do CGBP and Skull Crushers.


Raw or geared ?


squat - reverse band squat, against bands, and box squats - while some may not count them as accessories, squatting more is what has made my squat better

bench - reverse band bench, tate presses, and close grip board presses

deadlift - reverse band deadlift, deficit deadlifts, and romanian deadlifts


Good point. I guess both.


Good morning, floor press, anything for a big fucking back.


My God, PMPM. You practically disappear from the boards and then return looking absolutely luscious! We should, umm, get together sometime.


So I can see you're a big believer in accessory work that is just a slight modification to the main lift.


Squats : ghr, pull thrus, Romanians
Alternate main lift with squats with chain, against bands and reverse bands, lots of box squats

Bench: close grip, Tates, facepulls (build rear delts and back )
Alternate main lift with chains, against bands and love, love reverse band bench

Deadlift: gm, conventionals if pulling sumo or vice versa, if pulling sumo I do like good girl/bad girls to strengthen hips
Alternate main lift by deficit pulls, conv rack pulls, rev band pulls


Squat: box squat is king, followed by GMs, RDLs, front squats.

Bench: Dumbell bench, close grips, board presses to different heights, JM presses, rolling tris. Oh, and upper back work.

Deadlift: Defecits, rack pulls, GMs, front squats, ssb box squats with a close stance (or wide if you pull sumo).


Bench press: Paused benches, incline presses, push press

deadlift: Rack pulls, kb swings, good mornings

Squat: front sqaut, box squat jumps, 1 legged sqauts in the smith machine.

And: Time.


Not a powerlifter so don't really "do" assistance work to specifically increase them, but I do do the powerlifts so.... (do do? can that be right?)

SQUAT: I agree with Dixie. My squat goes up the more often I squat.

DEADLIFT: My deadlift went up more from my squat going up (without doing a single rep of deads) than when I concentrate on deadlifting.

BENCH: Just got a new PR, I don't know exactly what was responsible, but the different stuff I've been doing recently is overhead DB presses, lots of face pulls and weighted push ups.


Why? Because the lift is initiated from the bottom?

And you listed more than three. That's cheating.

Why? I don't understand why inclines would be that important since a competition bench is essentially done in a decline position if one has a good arch. But I've been told inclines before . . .


Why? I don't understand why inclines would be that important since a competition bench is essentially done in a decline position if one has a good arch. But I've been told inclines before . . .[/quote]

..never considered this..hmmm..


..never considered this..hmmm..

Its an exercise that very closely resembles the Flat bench. But puts you in a anatomicaly worse position for power.

Put it this way -doing inclines all the time to the collar bone and then going to a competition arch bench press will feel like a decline bench or a 2-board press.

The range of motion decreases as you go from incline to flat to decline-make sense?


To add to my post above in the Incline the stretch on the chest is much greater than in the Flat bench.

I had alot of talks with my Surgeon+Kineologist(sp) on this with how my Pacemaker interacts -the leads mostly- and how the pectorals act and move under strain.


<<<<< doesn't follow instructions well

box squat because a) forces you to use perfect or close to perfect form, b) you can't cheat depth (unless you are using a high box, and sometimes theres a reason for that) c) I find I can do more volume box squats that free squats with less wear and tear d) they are harder, so when you move to free squatting it 'ain't nothing but a peanut'


Squatting: when I was relearning squat, sumo deads seemed to help getting out of the hole. Spread feet far apart and use 10# plates to go really low.

Deadlift: my Sheiko uses DL to knees, rack DL, and deficit DL.

Bench: who wants my advice on bench?


Squat: Heavy walk outs and Reverse-Hyper Extensions

Bench Press: Apollons Axel OHP

Deadlifts: Heavy, double overhand, rack pulls from just below the knee, using straps.