Snapping Triceps

Does anyone here know of anything that can be done for the uncommon problem known as snapping triceps syndrome? I have posted and searched on many sites looking for information on this, but most have not provided much information on how this can be dealt with WITHOUT surgery, and I’m hoping there is still hope. I’ve already talked to the doc and based on his suggestions and my decision, surgery is ruled out.

Anyway, any insight on personal experience or any advice would be appreciated. For those unfamiliar with the syndrome name, basically it’s where the medial triceps head dislocates over the medial epicondyle when elbow flexion passes 90 degrees. Basically that annoying popping feeling you get when doing pushups, benching, etc…

Just a further note, I don’t really have symptoms as of now, since I stopped all triceps work, so it doesn’t hurt or anything but I can just feel it snapping over the elbow everytime I flex beyond a right angle.

that sucks

Your description was too confusing. But if you aren’t displaying any symptoms then whatever you are doing, it is working.

I don’t see why surgery should even be considered.