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Snapping Scapula

Had c5-c6 Fusion 05/18/06 & left shoulder impingement surgery 11/24/06(no Tears), Recovery was going well . I couldn’t find a good therapist so i was doing my own rehab using the info from this site,The inside out routine foam rollers & my ART Practioner.

About a two months ago I started hearing my scapula grind & pop alot agian especially when I would do any shruging motions.I know popping isn’t a big deal but a few days later there was a lot of pain. My ortho sent me for a mri & ct scan for snapping scapula. They both came back negative. then I got two cortisone shots in the bursa that made it worse.

I finally started using a therapist who works with the NY Rangers.He told me that my rhomboids muscles were weakened by my neck injury. It’s been three weeks and i feel beter. Oddly my right shoulder hurts a little bite.

What I wanted to know is if any one has experienced this problem , & maybe give me some ideas for rehab & a routine. Also Because of my neck (c5-c6)fusion are there any alternative exercises i can do instead of standing dumbell or barbell shrugs so i can develop my traps.

Thib had a nice article yesterday about muscle cleans that he said were pretty good for trap dev. Dunno if your post-op condition will allow something ballistic like that, though. Sometimes overhead shrugs won’t irritate the scapula… You might go light on those and just try out the motion.

Something else that occurred to me is dumbell isometric shrug. That is, shrug up, hold for time and let out slow so you don’t twang the joint. let the db’s hang after letting down to release the tension and keep the muscle long.