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Snapping Scapula Syndrome

after having surgery to repair my labrum, i developed Snapping Scapula Syndrome, which was just diagnosed by my surgeon. He said even before my surgery my lower and middle traps were very weak, and now they are even weaker. He told me to attack my rehab more agressively in the prone raises department, and do rows. No upper body pushes.

After reading many articled i have also seen that besides raises and rows, i have to activate my serratus anterior. I was first informed of this by a Cressey article. Does anyone know of any good exercises for Snapping Scapula Syndrome, i am doing the raises, rows, and scap pushes-

Face pulls will also be really good to strengthen that area. Make sure to squeeze your scapula together at the top of the contraction, and you can even hold it for a short count. For your shoulder specifically, I like YTWLs, pull aparts, and dislocates for re/prehab moves. Ask your doc or PT if you can do them (have no idea if you have limited range of motion or whatever).

Doing your rows with the same grip as your bench (pronated, not neutral), on a chest supported row machine seems to activate the upper back a bit more than just cable or dumbell rows (at least for me).