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Snapping Hip Syndrome w/ Psoas Involvement?


Any informed input on the following would be appreciated. Recently (2-3 months) I have experienced an intermittent, palpable clicking over my right greater tronchater when walking. The clicking is worse when preceeded by greater hip flexion, such as when climbing two stairs at a time. Initially it was annoying, but it now causes discomfort along my ITB, into my glute and lower back.

In addition, I am now experiencing tightness and burning in my right psoas region. A physiotherapist friend has suggested that I work on improving my glute activation whilst in PPT and improve psoas flexibility through static stretching. Does anyone have any experience or advice that might help me out? Many Thanks.


I am assuming you are stuck in an APT, so find out what is causing the APT and address those issues. It may very well be just some tight psoas/hip flexors, but it could also be a host of other things as well.

The hip flexor/psoas stretching and glute strengthening will not hurt at all to do and from the sounds of you situation will only help. But it may not be the only piece to the solution. From the information you gave, other things I can recommend include some soft tissue work to your hip flexors/psoas and TFL. I'd recommend something more than just foam rolling if you are able to afford it. Also, I would ask to have your IT Band released as well, which I think will help out a lot.

Overall, my advice is to go for the hip flexor mobility and gluteal strengthening as your friend recommended, but also look for all around hip, ankle, and t-spine mobility along with some soft tissue work (ART, Graston, etc) and get a release of your IT Band.


Thanks LevelHeaded.

I am restricted in the T-spine, and do have ankle mobility issues and probably do have a small degree of APT. I PVC roll my TFL frequently at the moment, but struggle to get into my hips. I Shall take your advice and get some soft tissue work done. Thanks again.