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Snapping Elbow Tendon


So I've had this problem for a while now, and last year I went to physical therapy for something else, and they checked it out while I was there and didn't know what would help me.

When I lower or raise a weight in a pushing exercise such as bench press, what I get to a point I feel what I think is the tendon in my left elbow snapping over a bone. It is uncomfortable but not painful to the point where I cannot lift .It does get increasingly uncomfortable as the weight increases. It will be sore the next day or so after lifting.

I currently take lots of fish oil and a joint supplement. I was thinking of one of those bands that you wrap around it during your workout, what are those called? Anybody had any luck with those or another technique?


this used to happen to me, I actually had it on video. I wouldn’t have described mine as a snapping, but it did rub over the bone onto the other side with some force. This was before I started taking training seriously so it wasn’t that much of an issue and I think I just stopped and it went away on its own. Hasn’t come back and its been like 3 years. It would be interesting to hear if anyone has insight on this.


You could also try voodoo bands, you can get them at rogue fitness. They fixed my tricep tendonitis and I sweat by them for that, but this is quite unusual.