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'Snapping' Across the Hip

Whenever I straighten after hinging movements (think RDL’s) I feel this “snapping” sensation across my right hip (top of the femurish). I get the feeling in my left hip too but its more pronounced in the right. From what I’ve been able to deduce on my own, mostly from anatomy charts, I think it’s possibly my IT band. Has anyone else had this problem? If so what have you done to alleviate this?

Any help is appreciated


[quote]alexus wrote:

Hey Lex! Nice to see ya. Hope you are doing well. That’s a nice article. I particularly liked his link to this hip mobility / warmup video.

OP, I don’t have much to add with regards to your hip problem. I have a bit of an instability / clunking in my right hip when raising my leg with external rotation. Not the same thing, but frustrating none the less. I have to really concentrate on sinking the hip into the socket. It seems to be improving as I’ve gotten a bit stronger.

There used to be some super knowledgeable people who would give good advice in this forum.


Thank you both for the help and links, hopefully this gets me straightened out. I’ll keep the forum posted on my progress for sure though.

Go to a good orthopaedic surgeon and have them check for femoral acetabular impingement. I had the same EXACT feeling for 5 years and just had surgery to correct it last week. An xray is enough to spot it if bad. A ct scan will give a definite yes or no. The surgery is not bad if caught yearly.

I waited got a huge cyst in the joint and needed my femor and hip socket shaved and my labrum repaired still not that much pain but moving around is difficult

Usually snapping hip and anterior femoral glide syndrome are on one side. Something like 90%+ of FAI is both hips with one a little worse. I was diagnosed with all of the above until I went an ortho that specializes in hips one xray and ten minutes later I was calling three other orthos for second opinions all said the same.