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Snapper's Strength Sojourn

Hello all.

I was introduced to this site by Arachne, whom I met at my last powerlifting meet. I have greatly enjoyed reading your training logs and thought I would contribute my own.

Here are my stats:

Height: 5’4"
Weight: 110
Age: 44
Best raw squat: 150 lb.
Best raw bench: 100 lb.
Best raw deadlift: 214.5 lb.

I should mention that I grew up a non-athlete and just began powerlifting about 14 months ago. I am totally addicted to the sport, even bordering on obsessive at times. But I have a hunch that more than a few of you can relate to that. I did three powerlifting meets in 2009. My goal for 2010 is to move into geared lifting. I am being helped by a wonderful coach and weight train 3-4 times per week.

I look forward to your feedback and contributing my own two cents’ worth!

Welcome, Snapper! One year younger than me, one pound lighter, the same height. Yet you are way stronger! Go you!

I will really look forward to hearing more about your training program and your meets.

hi ya and welcome. i’m always amazed with you all who have made such great progress in such a short time, especially those in the over 40 age group…totally awesome. :slight_smile:

can i ask how you came by the name snapper? my sis-in-law’s husband is nick-named snapper. everyone calls him that…and i’m actually not sure why.

just curious…:slight_smile:

Nice to meet you, Kimba. I have been following your log.

And nice to meet you as well, Talenaah. I came by the name “Snapper” about 20 years ago when I was managing people younger than I in the corporate world. One of my employees began calling me “Whippersnapper.” It was subsequently shortened.

Regarding the over-40 comment: I’m making up for lost time. And trying to prove something.

Here’s my training log from Monday:

3/120 (in a DL suit, straps down)
3/130 " "
1/140 (in a DL suit, straps down, with knee wraps)
5/150 " "
5/155 " "
3/200 (full gear with straps up, bands from top . . . which means I’m only holding the full weight at liftoff and lockout)
3/215 " "
3/225 " "

Sumo DL (trying to learn this stance for cross-training purposes . . . feels wildly unnatural)

Good Mornings

Hamstring Curl Machine

Reverse Hypers with 10-lb. DB between feet, pause at top

My training is very gear-intensive right now because I have a meet next month and am just learning how to work with the gear. There’s a definite learning curve. In fact, today was my first time squatting in full gear. You know what they say about teaching old dogs new tricks . . .

nice work!!!

hola snapper! ur mighty strong. this should be fun to follow!

A girl with something to prove is always a good thing!

Great work. Looking forward to hearing about the meets - I’ll be following.

Yesterday’s training log.

10/45 pause
7/55 speed
5/65 touch and go
3/70 pause
1/75 pause
1/80 in bench shirt to one board (stretching out the shirt)
1/85 " "
5/95 to chest with pause
3/100 (was supposed to be 5 reps . . . )
8/87 to one board
2/8/88 to one board

The sad truth: I cannot bench. I have VERY long, lean arms. They work to my advantage in deadlift but against me in bench. I started pouting after missing reps at only 100 lb. I didn’t stop pouting until several hours later. I get mean when I’m pouting.

Bentover Barbell Row

Rotator Cuff Rolls

Tricep Cable Pushdown


hey now!..your bench is nothing to sneeze at–its nearly you body weight–and i’m not even close to getting that.

i hate benching too though…for similar reasons. I.e. pouting :slight_smile:

welcome Snap -good numbers considering your weight!

Thanks, brute and nlmain. Kind words.

Today’s training.

Deadlift (all with bands from top to train the lockout and get used to springing out of the bottom)

Seated Pulldown Machine (never done this before . . .)
8/25 (side)
3/8/50 (side

Seated Row Machine (or this . . .)
3/8/45 (side)

15 minutes on the spin bike

Miss “snapper”


are you working with anyone who REALLY know how to use a shirt ?

To get the most out of your shirt:

  1. Learn how to use it

  2. Get your upper back and tris stupid strong

Rows … Rows … Rows … Pulldowns … Scarecrows …

Because of your wing span do
lots of lock out work

Well back to drivin in the winter wonder land … Most people go away from the storm not me I have to go into it…
Ahhhhh the things we do for fellow lifters


Wow props for learning sumo DL to cross train! I am a stick in the mud when it comes to things like that. I have recently forced myself to begin front squatting though, so sumo DL is next on the agenda. Then, who knows? Powercleans perhaps. I am jealous of anyone with long, slender arms! I have short little shit arms. They make for a good bench press, but they also have the effect of making me look like a winged freak-owl.

I’m part of the short arm squad too. Great for benching, utter shite for deadlifting.

Nice deadlifting, snap - why are you messing about on machines, though?

Yes, Jim, my coach knows how to fit and tweak a shirt. I still have a lot of learning to do with it, though, to make it work for me. I regularly do rows, chins, lat pulldowns, and tri work. It’s just very hard for me to gain upper body strength. I have no clue what “scarecrows” are . . . I will google. Thanks for the advice. Going into the storm . . .

The row and pulldown machines were a total anomaly, Cal.

The “props” (bands) were for conventional DLs, Owlie. I suck at sumo. Power cleans are a great exercise. I do them regularly.

My training for today . . .

Power cleans

Clean into overhead barbell push press (explosive)

Seated bicep concentration curl

Standing bentover DB rear delts

Seated DB military press

Overhead cable tricep rope pull

Straight arm straight bar cable pushdown

Decline bench situps

Awesome glad you have a great coach !!! The bench shirt is art form

keep after that upper body the work
will pay off

Side note: had an awesome day coaching at lextren extreme pro am

Both the guys i was helping set world records !!!

Great job guys

this is all so spectacular someday I want to be you.

Me, Alisa? Or Jim (more likely)?

Do you handle raw or geared lifters, Jim?

Miss snapper. I have worked with just about every kinda lifter you can think of. All types of powerlifting Raw/geared (just about every federation) male/female, strongman, highland games … I am truely blessed to be getting paid for what I love to do :).

The guys I worked with yest did 100% raw belt only
one was 242. 1650 total first meet

The other 1620 (I think) in the 220’s

It was a great day and it was nice to catch up with some old friends.

I got to sleep in this morning which never happens. And the hotel the meet was at had an amazing buffet !!! Double win


This is really fun this is one of my first real meets I was at helping out. this is chuck v squatting 1000 for the first time in 2001 at 220 … Which at the time was insain. I am helping spot him I am standing to his right. Funny thing is after the squat he turns and I raise my arms (the video cuts out early). He is so excited he punches me in the face knocking out two teeth lol and carries me into the crowd … Goodtimes


Love being called “miss,” Jim. Makes me feel . . . well, younger than I am.

Those totals are incredible for raw! You must be very proud of those guys. I’m not familiar with IPA. I lift USAPL and have had the privilege of training with the current 220-lb open national champion (USAPL) a few times. It’s incredible to train with people of that caliber.

Are you the guy behind the bar in the video . . . or are just your hands visible? Good times is getting two teeth knocked out??

Big squat day for me tomorrow. Gotta figure out how to post pics and videos here for critique. I’m a bit, umm, technically challenged. Not really worried about my squat form. It feels pretty natural, and I have never been red-lighted for depth. But my deadlift and bench form? I could use feedback . . .