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Snapchating the Girl I Like

I’ve recently been snapchating this girl I like and it seems like she might be into me too but I don’t know. I want to get to know her more but I don’t want to come off as creepy and I don’t want the conversations to drag along. It doesn’t feel like she tries to blow me off when we text. Sometimes I’ll get pictures of her through snapchat and I don’t know if I should give her complements or just keep talking.
More info: I’m 15. I’ve been talking to this girl for a few days.

If she’s sending you pictures, she wants complements. That doesn’t mean she’s into you though. She might like you, she might not be sure yet, or she might just be looking for an ego boost.

Do you know she’s a real person and not some 40 year dude in his mom’s basement?


You should probably go buy a ring.


Have you sent a dick pic? There’s no ambiguity after a dick pic has entered the equation.

EDIT: just saw the 15 thing. I don’t condone the use of a carrier service to distribute porn.


Ty I needed a good laugh :hugs:

Thank you! I got another good laugh :hugs:

she goes to my school but we have never talked then. I didn’t know she even existed until earlier this week.

The advice I would give is the same I gave my boys. Just be yourself and don’t send anything through social media that could be used to embarrass you now or much later. Once you send it, it’s out of your control forever.
Being young and dating is so much tougher than it was for my generation.


dick pic her bro girl’s like it

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Ask her out. The worst thing that can happen is she can say no. If she does say no it is very important you don’t act like a prissy little bitch about it. Tell her it’s cool and you hope you can still be friends. Continue to be nice to her, but focus your attention elsewhere.

One of the most important lessons you can learn about dating is to get comfortable with asking girls out and taking it graciously when they say no.

It is sometimes the case that after a girl says no, she will continue to message you in a flirty way in order to fish for further compliments. Don’t get sucked in by this and think you might still have a chance. It will not work out the way you want it to. Still be nice to her, obviously, but don’t let yourself be strung along.


I’ve got use to not caring about things that won’t effect me but I just want to get a stable base with her first. That would be the best thing. I would really show her what I’m like because if someone you date doesn’t know the real “you” things can end fairly quick ( I have had that happen before and it sucks). I always try to be as nice to people as I can and I really try to project that on people that I have an interest for. I just want to keep my head straight on what really matters ( my gains ) and if she comes into my life then I will just roll with it. RN I haven’t been getting the vibe that she is really onto me, but that could be her just trying to not look desperate. It’s one big puzzle and I’m just trying to figure it out. Thanks for the support.

I like the support but that shit is slightly illegal at my age LOL.

Sounds like she’s fishing for compliments/ego boost. If you do get brave enough to ask her out or tell her how you feel, don’t get upset or act weird if she doesn’t feel the same way. At your age, everything is confusing. Don’t get too hung up on her and if she doesn’t like you in return, don’t waste your time trying to get her to fall for you.


Whilst it’s the worst, it is also the best. You don’t want to be the sucker that sits there ummming and ahhhing for a year and all the while she just wanted someone there to put a bandaid over her insecurities.

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How about trying to talk with her in real life?

Then asking her out too if it goes well.

  • because lots of people act different on social media and IRL

You 2 could be snapchat besties and in real life it can be shit, just staring at eachother and unable to find a topic that you both can talk about, she might find your jokes lame, one of you 2 or both could turn out to be awkward/shy as hell in real life.

Do yourself a favor and don’t ask people on date if you didn’t talk to them IRL first.

And if she says no - then you know the answer and you at least tried so you won’t be wasting your time any longer.


And to add to on_edge’s post:

  1. Don’t give them out freely. That’s the male equivalent of a giving a BJ.
  2. When you parse them out, compliment hair or nails or whatever. Even her room.
  3. Search for random things in her room and ask questions. I reeled a girl in one time asking what she watching on TV in the background.

Life advisor👍

This kid is going places :+1:

I got a good chuckle out of that. I remember those days.

+1 to “talk to her in real life.”

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mebbe give her some plunder. that might help to break the ice.

my $0.02