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Since there's vacancy in the old folks' home, I've decided to move my log over here. I've become increasingly interested in the threads here. I'm not so young myself and am currently rehabbing a serious injury.

Here are my stats:
Age: On the precipice of 45
Height: 5'4"
Weight 110-ish TINY

Best geared squat: 200 lb.
Best geared bench: 116.5 lb.
Best geared DL: 242.5 lb.

I've competed in four USAPL powerlifting meets over the past 16 months. During my last meet (March 2010), I badly tore my posterior rotator cuff, which required surgery and five anchors to piece back together. I am currently in intensive physical therapy but have just been given the green light to return to very light squatting and deadlifting. Because I am just starting back, please be tolerant of my miniscule weights and remember that I am quite tiny myself. I welcome all critiques and fully believe that one can only improve by "playing" with those who are better.

Thanks for reading.




Hey lookie everybody - snapper joined us!


welcome aboard. I am always happy when another equipped lifter posts. of course it drives Meat nuts...


Its about time. Welcome aboard.


Though I'm just a lurker with no log, welcome.

"On the precipice of..." -Excellent imagery, though I disagree with the implication (although before I started reading the logs of guys like DCA and Harry, I did agree, which is why I lurk here -for inspiration to push my lazy ass).


I think youve been lurking for awhile. You know that no one in here is going to "dog on you" for the "miniscule weight".I for one give you credit for getting back on the horse after tearing your rotator all to hell.


Yay! I'm so glad you decided to move in with the seniors. I didn't realise we are so close in age. I'm on the precipice of 46. For some reason I thought you were early 40's. As you know, I've been reading along with your rehab and have admired your tenacity and patience at getting back to things.

No doubt you already know a ton of lifters that have injured themselves and come back. One of the 50+ (close to 60) lifters we train with has had multiple knee and shoulder repairs and is looking for gold at worlds this year. You have youth on your side :slight_smile:


What counts is you continue to push yourself. The amount you can lift is mostly irrelevant. A quote to welcome you and help you jump from the precipice; "We do not quit playing because we grow old, we grow old because we quit playing." - Oliver Wendall Holmes-


Always love to see a new log pop up, especially from teh women-folk. It's inspiring to see the weights you move relative your weight. Ourboro is insane.

re: Rotator cuff -- ouchy. Injuries suck, but we heal, especially folks like yourself who are still going despite the injury.



Welcome to our side of the forums, Snap.


A couple less clicks to get to your blog, thanks for making my life easier, and welcome. Now go lift something heavy. ....Or heavy enough for your rotator cuff to get better. I think we want you around this forum for a while.


Good numbers you had. Sorry about the injury. Rotator injuries suck, did mine in about three years ago doing that stupid RAW benching thing. Funny, someone asked me about my shoulders today and I realized I have had no shoulder pain for a few months. It can be a long road to recovery. I have some thoughts though on what can help. Hope you progress back to benching. Meanwhile dl'ing and skwatting what you can, when you can, is a good plan. If you have access to an SSB bar that will make your shoulders happier for squatting too.


Thanks for the warm welcome.

I really like the Oliver Wendall Holmes quote, hel320.

And O, I don't think the word "patience" has ever been attached to my name. Although I'm trying to develop more of it. Ouroboro's log is one that I have been following very closely. As I'm sure you all know, her numbers are sick. I don't have her talent, but I do have the drive.

I have just moved into geared lifting, Pete. And my equipment at this point sucks. I squat and DL in a thrice-used DL suit that used to belong to a high school. I do all of my training raw until a meet looms. I don't imagine I'll be in gear again for quite some time.

This rotator cuff issue has been tough for me. I still have pain much of the time and am quite limited even with everyday activities. I just passed the three-month point (since surgery) last week, so I have to remind myself that it hasn't really been all that long. Both my surgeon and PT told me it would be a year before I felt "normal."

I don't have access to an SSB at my gym, although I'm going to join another gym soon because I want round plates for DLing. I'm doing a pretty good job getting the rotation needed to hold the bar to squat. The weight will come in time. I have no idea when I'll be able to bench again.

I'm trying to use this time to really focus on my squat and DL form. I'll try to get some vids up this week and you guys can pick my form apart.


Yesterday's "training" involved a 5.8-mile hike in mountainous high-elevation terrain. I've been clocking my time to the peak (8,500 feet) and improving each time I hike it. I had planned to follow up my hike with some swimming, but I only made it 250 meters (200 meters breast stroke, 50 meters freestyle) before I had to stop because my shoulder was whining too much. I was a little discouraged because swimming went pretty well last week. Ahh, well. Two steps forward, one step back.


Thats still a fair bit of conditioning work, more than most people can do.


The smell of old man finally drew you in. I knew it would sooner or later. Good to have you here.


Got a little bit of history with my shoulder, too. Can't backstroke at all but freestyle doesn't bother it anymore. Back when I was hurt I'd swim freestyle as far as I could then switch to sidestroke to get some distance. Worked up to what was called the combat sidestroke, a combo of free, breast, sidestroke. Finally got the freestyle all the way back. Keep at it. You doing your swimming in a cement pond or in nature?


welcome to the board keep working hard.... someday I will start working hard... ha


Welcome aboard missy. :slight_smile: