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SNAKES on a Plane


Strong words:


Is anyone else going to see this movie?


Maybe a matinee.


I'll wait till it hits the cheap seats. Morbid curiousity demands that I see this movie, but it doesn't demand that I spend 8 bucks on it. I have a feeling this a movie college kids will be getting drunk to for many years.



Samuel L., what the fuck were you thinking...


It is actually getting great reviews from people who have seen it. I go by those more than the critic reviews. Yahoo does a good job of seperating the two categories.


I like how you think, Donut.

Broke ass college students unite!!


Its being too heavily promoted and forced to us to be a true cult classic. Its loosing its appeal as a "bad" movie. When MTV viewers are saying "we have to see this movie dooooode. Its sooo the worst its soooo good. Ya kno waaa I meeeeen!" its lost its cult status immediately.


Yeah, I usually trust Yahoo user ratings. A B+ is pretty good. From what I've read just now on Yahoo it's all I hoped for, Samuel L hilariously beating the shit out of snakes. I was afraid when they went back and reshot it they were going to make it more serious, but it looks like the took the correct route into pure absurdity.


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What do you expect today? Can anything truly gain "cult" status anymore the way info gets out? Remember when "Hackers" was a cult classic? I don't think you can really have those anymore.


Samuel L. Jackson, killer snakes, planes, and a whole lot of MF-bombs. Yes I will be going to see it.


Wouldn't that be "KaBOOM on a plane"?


I'll watch it when it comes on DVD and someone else pays to rent it.

It looks absolutely horrible!


Abso-fucking-lutely. Love SLJ. One of the few actors that doesn't take himself too seriously. Saw him on the Daily Show the other night and he was great.

I can hardly fucking wait.


You make your own cult classics. Screw whatever anyone else (MTV) says. And yes, I remember Hackers. That was an awesome movie. I will definitely be seeing SoAP. I can't think of something not to love about this flick.


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"A shark ate me Muthafucka....a Muthafuckin shark......UUUMMMMMMM.

Snakes/Samuel L. and a bunch of Crown Royal, sign me up.......Muthafucka.


Saw it last night. One of my friends made some cardboard airplane wings and glued fake snakes onto them and another dressed up as Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction.

It's exactly what you'd expect from a movie called "Snakes on a Plane." Mega cheese. It was AWESOME. I had more fun at this movie than any other movie I've been to this year. Bullet-proof plotline, exquisite acting. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give it an orgasm.


"Say Ssssssss Again Mother Fucker! Say Sssssssss Again!"


hahah yes, a questionable move by samuel jackson.

i remember seeing the original commercials in disbelief. Recently, they've changed the commercials to a cartoonish style to give the movie more of an edgy appearance. if they'd done this from the start, maybe i'd be more compelled to see it.