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Snake Hips, Uneven Squat


Hello everyone, I'd just like to start by saying that i will have been following 5/3/1 for three years this January, and the program and books have helped me out in life a lot, so thank you Jim Wendler.

Believe it or not I've only just found this forum, so thought I would throw a question out there to see if anyone can help me out. Basically recently I have noticed that when I squat I lean to the right side at the bottom, which causes my hips to rise unevenly (hence the title) I think this has developed over the last few months when I injured my shoulder which caused a mobility issue when squatting. Has anyone else experienced this kind of problem? How did you correct it?


It is not an uncommon issue. Find a physical therapist who is certified by the Postural Restoration Institute. PRI is dedicated to the correction of postural and movement asymmetries, and PRI certified therapists are uniquely able to treat such issues. What you describe is a very, very common symptoms of a a pattern identified by the Postural Restoration Institute.

For the record, I am not affiliated with the institute and am not a physical therapist myself. I have just been around the block a few times with these issues and have yet to find a workable solution beyond the treatment methods prescribed by PRI.


Thank you for the advice, I will look into that.


i was having the same problem about 10 years ago. Turns out my left leg was about a 1/2 inch shorter. Started wearing a small lift in my shoe and problem solve. Squat has since become my strongest lift! Might want to check it out.