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Snacks for Keto Diet?

Keep messing up need snacks to take away cravings.

Cheese, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, jerky, canned fish, dried sausage, cold cuts, hard boiled eggs, nuts, pepperoni.

What do you mean by cravings? Cravings for what? Sugar? Carbs?

Why are you doing a keto diet?


In addition to Brick’s suggestions. I’ll get some 90% dark chocolate and eat a square. Also cocoa nibs are great on a table spoon of cool whip.


Whoa, party bus pull over.


Ooo nice thx and before starting this diet I get bad craving at night and eat unhealthy stuff we would have. Carbs is what im craving, the bad kind. And im trying to lose fat, goal to be in a bodybuilding competition this year.

If you are really doing keto you are going to have to watch out for yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, and even some nuts.

Okay, Is jerky okay too?

It all depends. Jerky can be fine, but if you get your protien to high it can kick you out of ketosis too.

So eating a lot of meat is bad too then. Cause ive been eating like more than half a plate of meat with 2 bowls of salad. And eating eggs with cheese sometimes.

Keto is generally ultra low carb, moderately low protien (for general bbing), and high fat. You can still work a lot of those things in, but it all depends. Fat needs to be your main source of calories. Cheese and nuts can have a decent amount of carbs (some do some don’t). Jerky is typically very lean. you just have to keep an eye on it. Set some macro targets and look at the nutrition labels. Tf you’ve got 25 or 30 grams of total carbs, yogurt or cottage cheese are going to soak up a lot of that.

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Well yes, this. But I’m assuming he knows to keep the carbs as a very small percentage of the diet.

If you want meat and cheese then eat Brie and Brisket (ask for the knuckle). Both are very fatty.


Mmm okay thanks guys

I don’t want to be harsh per se, but I believe it’s clear you don’t have the nutrition knowledge for even getting into ketosis, let alone dieting generally. I say this because if you want to come in muscular and shredded to the bone, you should likely NOT do keto now, get on a regular non-restrictive diet with some caloric restriction and cardio, aim to look like a bodybuilder, and THEN pick a show!

Keto can be used for a finishing touch when you’re already shredded at the tail end of a prep diet.


Im not taking that harsh thank you for your honesty and yes I dont know tbh anything about this or about nutrition but im trying to learn and I am trying to do this with my father. And I have been lifting for awhile now I do have muscle and its noticeable. I just need to lose the fat. If you think this diet isnt for me what do you recommend.

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Check out other basic articles on the site.

The really low carb cauliflower pizza crusts baked just a little crispy with goat cheese and nova lox, or guacamole. Or sour cream, chives and bacon bits, or blue cheese avocado and tuna sashimi.

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