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Snacks During Fat Loss?


The program I am following calls for 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. Fat loss is my biggest goal so I want to get the fastest/best results I can beofre I can starta clean bulk.

The program calls for cheese and mixed nuts. For the first snack I have a hand full or 7 peices of cheese which is 9g of fat, 1g of carbs and 7g of proetin. For ther second I have a hand full of almods which is similiar but has 15g of fat. The 3 meals I have egg whites with tomatos and onions. Lunch and dinner are either fish or chicken with greens brocolli or spinich.

Would I have better results if I have a serving of chicken or turkey breast in stead of the cheese and almods? I am sure these were choosen for a reason. I guess since they are ment to be snacks I would have to have a little less than I would for the 3 main meals.

Any Thoughts?




Stop over analysing the diet, do what it says, work your ass off in the gym as described in the program and monitor your results.

They are snacks because you are meant to be snacking.

Also, 3meals/2snacks means you are below 150lbs - how tall are you?



Would having green tea w/ snacks be a good idea?


Yes. As long as you brew it, or its a natural brand that doesnt shove shitloads of sugar in it.