Snacks dammit

What on earth can I snack on late at night or in between meals? I mean, oranges have carbs so I cant eat in my P+F part of the day, nor veges, nor juice, etc. So it’s like, plain meat and water, that’s it!

What gives…

Eat veggies. Even if you’re low carbing, a bowl of broccoli or a salad (mind your dressing though) won’t throw you off…and it’ll fill you up.




This depends on what kind of diet you’re on. You didn’t tell us that.

Davos got a point. Why do people ask for dietary help when they don’t specify exactly what they want to accomplish and/or what they already do? I know I’m no mindreader. Snacks… well If you’re a sumo wrestler, you should eat lots of fried food and rice… try a fried food and rice vendingmachine. Pork rinds are good too. Any number of fatty, greasy objects will do. Just remember, those gel soles in your gym shoes are NOT EDIBLE. It even says so on the warning label…

Beef jerkey,and dry unroasted nuts.

I am assuming you are going with p+f,p+c combos. Hmmmmm…combos remember them?I used to love those damn things!!

thanks brock. thats exactly what’ll do, chew do on your insoles.

bulk bulk bulk. grow like a mo fo.

… if thats possible. veges to snack on? carbs man, carbs. later in the day during the P+F part, not good.

I’m on Atkin’s Maintenance and just starting to look into bulking up, i.e. more carbs. (I’m at 5’8", 156 lbs, 13.5% BF - down 23 lbs after about 4-months) I read T-mag’s T-Dawg Diet and it sounds pretty good. Free Saturday’s or at least less guilty snacking. Here’s what my wife and I are snacking on: pork rinds-BBQ & HOT, vienna sausages (wife won’t can’t stand 'em though), Atkins Apple Crisp Morning Start bars-11g protein, 2g net carbs, 4g Sat. fat (the cinnamon ones are not that good though), Russel Stovers low carb chocolate snacks-.2, .5, and 2.4 carbs for mini choc. bars and PB cups. (They do use sugar alcohols though.)

Just joined T-nation, so go easy on me…

I know that unsolicited advice sucks, but you might want to add a little real food in there.

You want snacks? Get a dehydrator from some major chain store for $40 and make some beef or turkey jerky. I bought a 3lb roast and had the grocer slice it up and a quick dip in some soy/terriyaki mixture with red pepper flakes and off you go. It takes about 5-6 hours to dry, it keeps for a while, and its a great source of protein. You can make it in the oven as well but for me that’s too much of a pain in the ass. The 3lb roast cost me something like 10-12 bucks and it made about $60-$70 in store bought jerky (no kidding) and I know exactly what is in it, and quite frankly, it tastes better.

Another thing I’ll do when I don’t want calories per-se but I want to munch on something is cut up some celery sticks and make a “dressing” out of mustard, balsamic vinegar, and hot sauce. I know it sounds bizarre but its got about 0 calories and its a lot of fiber. Actually its less than 0 calories because your body expends more energy processing it than it provides. Any non-oil or mayo “dressing” is probably good. If I did a calorie count on mustard, vinegar, and hotsauce, even a fairly significant amount is going to be probably < 3 cals. There are a few “negative calorie” foods. They are things like celery and rhubarb. You can probably find a list of them somewhere on the net. Its good for fiber if you are like me and am lo-carbing most of the time except for post-workout.

Last but not least you can have a pouch of albacore. Star Kist makes those ready to eat things that tastes only marginally strange that provide only 100 calories. Rip open a bag and munch it down. The protein is likely to hold you over for a bit, and hey, the protein is always good, right?

Good luck.

I’d be willing to bet that those Atkins bars have more than 2g of carbs in them. Word up.

As for snacks, my favorite is peanuts.

Note that I said NET carbs. While counting carbs on Atkins’ you get to subtract out the fiber-6g, glycerin-4g, and sugar alcohol-1g from the total of 13 and you end up with 2g net. For me anyway, they don’t seem to affect my insulin levels. I’ve had as many as three in a day, but that was when I was elk hunting in the Rockies and burning everything I could eat.


bulk bulk bulk. grow like a mo fo.

Apprentice -
If you are trying to bulk, how in the world are you ever hungry? I’ve been bulking for the last 6 weeks, and my cheat meals consist of eating less.

That aside, if the two bording meals are P+C, have a P+C snack. If the two bordering meals are P+F, have a P+F snack. If they are different, its probably best to stick with Prot and vegs.

Hope that helps.
In faith,

yeah why are yo worried about snacks, you should be stuufing you face with so much clean food the last thing you want is more of it
i dont get it