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Snack Foods

I’m a new lifter but I feel like I’m starting to get things in order. I’m a 5’11" 160 pound chap that is trying very hard to bulk up. I’m 18, and I eat a pretty simple diet consisting primarily of chicken, eggs, turkey sandwiches, whey protein, milk, and cottage cheese. I’m making a run to the grocery store tomorrow (I live alone) and was wondering: what are some excellent snacks to acquisition? I know that nuts are a good start but I assume there are others I am not thinking of. Any good snack items. Also, what tastes good mixed with vanilla protein? I got some shitty tasting stuff that I need to finish, I think I’ll try Grow after I kill it. Any suggestions in that dept?


Well for snakcs, I like sunflower seeds or pumpkin seads. A week or two ago a recipe for cookies was posted that turns out some great tasting cookies, cant remember the recipe off the top of my head I will toss it up if I find it. As for the vanilla protien powder I’d try mixing it with some berries in the blender or even possibly baking with it and adding vanilla extract to enhance the flavor. Jerky’s are also a really good snack to chew on…or even just pop-corn. Hope that gives you some ideas.

If you’re trying hard to bulk up then you need to not be snacking. Snacking is for dress-wearing marys. You need to eat real meals 5-6 times a day, THEN worry about snacks.

I read in an article that when John Berardi was bulking up, he would eat 5-6x daily and in addition to that (i.e. between meals) he would eat 6 raisin bagels with peanut butter and drink a gallon of whey weight gainer shake over the course of the day.

Nuts! Great source of protein and healthy fats.

Make your own trail mix. Sunflower seeds, pumpkin, peanuts, raisins, dried fruit.

Walnuts, cashews and almonds can get a bit expensive, but worth it…now and then.

beef jerky and string cheese are good

Almonds have the best nutrient profile of the nut family. I just love roasted sunflower seeds, can’t get enough of them.

Are you from England, mate? Don’t be shy to add a location to your profile.

I don’t see any vegetables or fruits in your diet, so I recommend these for your snacks.