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i am goin to mexico possibly. How are the odds of me getting caught with a cycle of D-bols on a plane?? Wonder if I stick them in my underwear? Or if I replaced my vitamnis with them? I know it is a dumb idea but I am so close, I know my inner meathead will want to buy something. Let the posts roll.


Best bet would be to put them in a pill bottle, preferably one that you have a current prescription for. With the heightened security I'd be very wary of just sticking them in your underwear like a goomba. Gotta be a tad bit smarter than that. Is all your luggage going to be carry on or will you be checking some luggage?


how'd u know i was a goomba? i dont wanna check luggage, but i might have to. whats the sugestion


You could always drop them in a ziplock baggie then throw them inside your (almost) full bottle of shampoo. . .



OK, I did not tell you this but you can get a diversion safe that actually sprays real shaving cream when pressed down on the top. It is like 32.00 and it is a real Barbasol can and is made for travelers such as yourself. You are better off checking at least one bag because they will search your carry bags and they are assholes about it too. Just be careful, these people are real pricks when they want to be, trust me I know.