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Smugglers Blues on HBO

Watching Chris Shugart’s “Smuggler’s Blues” article coming alive right now on Real Sports. They Showed T-Mag! Hopefully now more people will visit the site and actually learn how lift, Eat and get results. And the Squat Racks Will Be free for people doing Squats! Further leading to freedom through out the world, the end of poverty and no more world hunger and all due to T-MAG!!

Nice to see T-Mag get some credit for GREAT reporting of real life situations!

Sorry. I’m of the other side–I wish they hadn’t done it.

damn it, i thought they were going to warn us before it came on. i would have liked to see that. anyone know if HBO plans on rerunning it?

I looked up the schedule. It’s going to run several times this month. Here’s the link:


If that doesnt work just go to hbo.com. Good show!

I would’ve thought that anything reducing the ease of obtaining steroids would tend to be frowned upon by T-Mag readers…

I am also on the side of not wanting to see any of this stuff reported to the public. The last thing we need is more scrutiny from the media. It’s already hard enough to obtain anabolics and we don’t need more pressure from the media. I would like to see them declassified. I would like to see us get to the point where you can walk into a DR’s office and obtain a perscription for roids for purposes of physical enhancement.
Granted, I live in Canada and did not see the HBO special, so I am making some assumptions on how anabolics where portrayed. Anyone, who did see it care to comment on what the story covered?

They were going to do the show with or without T-mag I assume, so I’m glad T-mag was on it to represent. Overall, the show was pretty fair towards those who use for personal reasons. It wasn’t a slam piece like that one they did on ephedra a few months ago.

Look at it this way: HBO was going to do this piece regardless of whether or not T-Mag was involved. Now, if you could pick anyone to represent hardcore bodybuilding, wouldn’t you pick an intelligent, articulate source? The alternative is a 300 lb. meathead with acromegaly throwing around terms that he doesn’t understand and scaring the hell out of soccer moms. We have enough of that already.

they really didnt depict steroid use as a bad thing per se…it was a very objective program; only when the segment ended and bryant started making weird, disappointed faces at the mention of steroids could you tell his opinion and the other guy. all in all though it was pretty neat…anyone down for a roadtrip to tijuana?

It’s coming on again Wednesday afternoon and a couple more times later this week. I’ll have to record it since I’ll be at work.