SMSoldier21 Training Log

Hey guys, this is my first post on the site, discovered it a about 2 months ago when I got to Afghanistan. I have been hitting the gym, and what not, but since we havnt’t been doing pt on the regular I have been adding a Few extra pounds on… Deciding the other day to design my own work out cycle and keep track on this site. I started the cycle yesterday, and will be posting a picture from day 1, and at the end i will post a picture at the end of the cycle.

Height:67 inches
Estimated Body:16%
BP Max:275x1

The cycle is a one month cycle started on April 9th, and ending on May 9th. The current goal for this first month is to drop 8-15 pounds, Hopefully picking up perhaps 5 pounds of muscle along the way. I will be taking Creakic which is a post workout calcium based creatine (retains less water), which I have taken before and found that water retention was almost none. Also RK-500 which is Contains HSl which is what the body uses to metabolize body fat, and XLPC which burns stored fat. However I will be using below the recommended dosage on the RK and XlPC.

The workout will consist of:
Mondays & Wensdays: Full body weight trainning
Tuesdays & Thursdays & Saturdays: RUN/ other types of cardio
Fridays: CrossFit

This is just a expirement spread out over the next month, hoping it works, which is why I posted on here for any tips or information people want to offer I am all ears.

I will post a Before picture tommarow as I cannot post them from this computer, and half way through another will be posted, and at the end of the month the last.

day 1 pick