SMR - Pain From

I’ve dug around the forums and couldn’t find anything specific on this so I’ll ask the question straight out:

How can you tell the difference between pain from a “trigger point” vs pain from DOMS?

I recently purchased a foam roller and, following the instructions sourced from various places, I roll around locating trigger points, give them some attention and move on. The thing is, there’s practically not a spot on my body that doesn’t hurt when I use it. Am I a walking bean bag of trigger points or is it just the soreness from training?

Note - this pain is the same before, straight after and days after training a specific spot. And when I say pain “everywhere” I mean you name the muscle group, there’s pain when I roll it - tears welling up in my eyeballs kind of pain.

Is it DOMS or trigger points?

I don’t know the terms all that well but I will say that when I bought my foam roller the first few days it hurt everywhere, but after a few times, it got much less painful, and after a few weeks it only hurts when I do it on sore muscles or on the smallest muscles. My back, hammies, calves, glutes, and quads? No pain at all now.

So part of it is that initial pain if you’re just starting. I can’t tell you if you’re stretching fascia or getting rid of cross connections in the muscle, I’m not an expert here, but I can tell you, not to worry too much for the first couple of weeks and then go from there.

as mentioned above, if you’ve just started, its generally gonna hurt. over time the pain will decrease. if you’re rolling over a muscle thats sore from being worked out, it might hurt a little more. the pain will subside in due time, just stick to it.