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SMR - How Long/Often?

Started using a foam roller recently, but only for my lower back and sometimes hips. Can definitely notice a difference immediately afterward. But how often and how long for each muscle group should I be using it?

What is this foam roller deal about? I’ve seen them at my gym and I think these people are stretching. All but about one of these people get most of their workout material from Men’s Health, so I hafta wonder, is this other person on to something?

For releasing the lower back region i prefer to use a tennis ball over the biofoam roller. I am able to pinpoint the areas the need releasing a little better.

I would hold on any one area for around 60 sec but sometimes i hold a little longer till i feel the release or I would come back to the point to further release. You can perform SMR daily, and in some cases several time a day.

If you are having problem with your back then you may want to consider rolling the lats and piriformis also.