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I've been eating two pb&j, two meat & cheese, and two egg sandwiches a day for a while to maintain/gain weight during summer football camp. Those 6 sandwiches are just so unappetizing now that Sacramento is 105 degrees. They just dry my mouth out!

So please share with me your delicious smoothie recipes. The higher in calories the better! I don't care about how much fat, protein, or carbs it has, I will burn it off during practice anyway! Thanks for any help!


some chocolate Grow!
cottage cheese
peanut butter


some chocolate Grow!
peanut butter

blend well for both,it tastes pretty good


cool thanks


hey how long will a protein powder last in liquid before it starts to degrade?


2 bananas (total of 400 cals)
6 eggs (total of 36g protein)
2 scoops Grow (27 g protein)
2 icecubes
2 cups of water
(optional) as much peanut butter as you want


total of about 600 cals without peanut butter, 63g protein, and plenty of water for hydration. Not bad eh? Oh, and its tasty too.


Here is the basis of what I use (supplements can be added as desired)

Juice 1 apple and 1 pear in a juicer
Throw the juice into a blender
Add 2 whole peaches
Add 1 cup non fat peach yogurt
Add 1 large banana
Add supplements as desired
Fill with ice and blend

A little work but worth every ounce, especially when it's hot.



at room temp and not in a vacuum, about ten minutes.


2 Scoops Chocolate Grow!

1 cup oatmeal

2 tbl spoons crunchy natural PB

and a frozen banana

blend and drink


Since it's summer time and hot, I like this for a daytime/outside drink:

"Tropical Punch" flavored whey protein (I use Optimun Nutrition)

Add 2 scoops to 12 oz. water and blend in blender

As it's blending add in a cup or two of frozen mixed berries

You can add some flax or olive oil to the blend. It imparts no tast, and it adds calories.

This makes a very light refreshing drink that's perfect for the summertime. You will need to keep these shakes iced down (in a cooler) if they are going to be out in the heat.