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Smoothie Protein

Lately, I’ve been using fruit protein smoothies to get all my protein in since I’m sick of the usual chocolate, vanilla crap. Well, smoothie king is getting expensive and the wifey wants to make them for me at home. So, is there a consensus on here which protein powder/flavor is best with fruit smoothies? Something that hides well and doesn’t make it too think & filling?

It’s expensive, but ON Whey Vanilla goes great with smoothies, and tastes the best - in my opinion.

I would also add that now I just buy the cheapest protein there is provided it has all the essentials and minimal crap, and blend it with milk, banana, and peanut butter before choking it down in like 2 seconds and wiping the rest off of my beard. So there’s always that.

You can mix your own using whey and cocoa then add fresh or frozen strawberries into the shake for flavour plus spinach if you want. Or use bananas, pineapple, coconut pieces etc

Orange creme protein powders are awesome for more tart fruits like strawberries and other berries. Vanilla is almost universally good.

Some of the more awesome smoothies I’ve made consisted of a few eggs, cup of yogurt, splash of milk and either mango pulp and coconut milk or canned pumpkin pulp spiced up like pumpkin pie. They give it a great consistency and fill you up very nicely. A dash of cardamom in the mango is a nice touch. But those are getting into meal replacement territory.

Orange creme mango with a dash of vanilla can be pretty awesome too.

The clause is that I like to play around in the kitchen with different ingredients and I’m willing to eat some mistakes.


I agree that vanilla is the best ‘universal base flavor’ for protein shakes.

Would suggest caution here. When you buy a protein powder, as with many products you are putting your faith in the manufacturer that the contents of the container are what they say they are. And while this is likely true of mainstream American (speaking from the perspective of someone who lives in the US) companies (because they don’t want to get sued), it is less of a motivation for fly-by-night companies based in a country that has lax consumer protection laws.

tl;dr If you use price as the sole arbiter re protein powder purchasing, you may end up getting what you didn’t pay for.

tl;dr for the tl;dr Caveat emptor.

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@eyedentist by cheapest protein, I mean the cheapest at my grocery store, which can be either six star or body fortress - not great, but certainly not companies I have to worry about in terms of being ripped off altogether. ~17 for a 2lb container as opposed to 29+, and being that 1. I’m the only working parent with a wife and 2 kids, and 2. My wife drinks protein shakes too, it makes a lot of difference.

But yes, don’t go online and search for the cheapest protein on earth. I don’t buy anything online. Except books.

An important clarification. Thanks.

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I like to find protein that has no artificial colors, no sucralose, and no artificial sweeteners. There are plenty to choose from that fit this description. I have smoothies for breakfast almost everyday, and I use: protein powder (about 25-30 g protein from the powder), frozen blueberries, fresh spinach, handful of almonds, and some oats. I typically use coconut water as needed for blending consistency. Personally, I think of this as a healthy addition to my diet, and not just increasing my protein intake.

I also only drink my whey in smoothies. I prefer to use 37g cheap unflavored protein powder (28.5g protein), together with 250g hot water, 250g frozen raspberries, and 250g fat free quark (30g protein). This gives me 60g protein per smoothie, and a good amount of berries, perfect for breakfast.

You might try adding cold coffee to chocolate protein with milk. Gives you the caffeine bump plus it tastes like mocha.

I have a mountain of respect for guys like this, who can spend so much time and energy to make such a shake every morning.

I’m lazy. I know it. It is why I chose pellets over shots.

I drink an Ensure (30g protein) shake in the morning straight out of the bottle. The extent of my effort is opening the bottle. They are only 11oz, so I guess I could easily drink another one if I was after 60g protein in the morning, but I’m ok with 30.

In the afternoon, I eat a Quest bar (20g protein) – and sometimes one at night.

The thought of going through all that effort to make a shake in the morning makes my head spin!

Takes 1 minute to make a shake. If that’s too much effort how do you train for 1 hour? lol

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