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Smoothest_criminal's Log: Low SHBG, High E2, High Free T


Alcohol is a solvent and encourages the body to produce more estrogen, if you want to increase your estrogen levels, drinking alcohol is the sure way to do it.

If you can do TRT without anastrozole, I recommended not using it if you can help it.

A mediterranean diet is best for low SHBG or anyone for that matter, you will add years to your life.


Had my doc appointment yesterday. He’s happy with my levels mostly. Said my total t is roughly double my SHBG so that’s good (is this a thing?), wants me to go up to 1mg Anastrozole a week, split into .5mg Anastrozole twice a week, but I’m going to go with .25mg every 2 days on day of t injection. I asked if I need to be concerned about long term effects of low SHBG and he said there is nothing to worry about, and that that is what’s letting me get away with injecting every two days.


So I take it he didn’t bother testing free testosterone? We don’t know the binding ability of your SHBG, if it has a high binding ability free testosterone will be lower.

It sounds like your doctor is only checking total testosterone.


@systemlord Calculated FTe is posted in above pics. 931 pmol. He said that’s high and good.


Interesting development:

Started feeling like absolute shit a few days ago. Tired as fuck, headaches, foggy mind, and really sore joints. Went and got my e2 tested and just got the results: 50 pmol, which is 13.6 pg/ml.

So I’m thinking this would explain it.

Crazy that it was 150 pmol / 40 pg/mg about 4 weeks ago. During this time I was taking. 25mg anastrazole twice a week. Since then, I’ve upped to .25mg Anastrazole every 2 days.

Question is, what should I do now? Stop the anastrazole until I feel better? I skipped my dose yesterday so due again tomorrow. What would be a good dose to try?

My doc wanted me on .5mg twice a week but I went .25mg every 2 days since I’m dosing t every 2 days - does this matter or make any difference?

@systemlord @KSman


We hear it over and over. AI no good. Esp for trt and not a steroid bodybuilder cycle.

Stop it. You really need to adjust your t dose and HCG if applicable To bring down e2.
I miss having my e2 in the 30s my joint felt great. I take no ai and my e2 dropped in the 20s.


Dosing anastrozole every 2 days is too close together. You may be able to eliminate the AI by dosing Test every day, but drinking moderately you are telling your body you want more estrogen.


Why/how did yours drop? Just from lowering dose?


@systemlord what about if I was to dose .125mg Monday Wednesday Friday?


I think because I switched to im. We all different.

You can try warm lemon water in the morning. Cleans liver may make it remove e2 better. I was doing that excessively when I crashed it


Haven’t heard of that but will give it a crack!


I also think my e2 went down on im because am lower shbg. So im absorbs tests faster and with that my e2 is pissed away faster.


@systemlord ?


Mate I’ve been following your thread, how are you traveling?


Hey mate, I’ve ditched the ai, lowered my t dose to 40mg e2d and increased my HCG to 500iu 3 x week for fertility. E2 has gone up heaps to about 214 pmol or 58 USA measurement. Trying to really dial in my diet and lifestyle to control the e2. Keto, no booze, no caffeine, lots of lifting. Feel good mostly but could be better.


I’m in Oz too mate and have had lots of issues finding a good doctor, I had to go on TRT as my levels were 8 and 10 with no cause but I had all the usual symptoms. Pituatary has been checked thoroughly but even under an Endicronologist I had issues with obtaining an AI and HCG. Its alarming theyre so ignorant and incompetent with our health. My brother is in the States and is on it as well and its totally different. E2 has been the biggest issue for me as well mate, I get bloods done the first 6 weeks after changing something but I usually remain on the same protocol. It’s been good reading your story as we all have the same issues and questions. Just wondering if you use a specific calculator to convert our E readings to the USA format?


Yeah it’s pretty shit in Oz. Are you seeing Dr Z now? How long have you been on trt for? Glad you’ve found the thread beneficial mate! I use http://unitslab.com/node/113 and a few others.


The ignorant is do to a well respected doctor who associated prostate cancer with TRT, so mainstream medicine lost interest in testosterone therapy 60 years ago as a result. When they went back and looked at these studies, they found that some included in the study were female patients and the other data was obviously in error.

So for the last 60 years doctors haven’t been interested in TRT, only sports medicine and anti-aging. Now the cat is out of the bag and all these studies are being seen for what they are, fraudulent. Medical school hasn’t changed in years, they are stilling teaching the same crap because TRT isn’t profitable enough for them to even care.


Not yet mate but I probably will, I am seeing an okay GP but he does not manage you per se. Thanks for the unit converter. My E just came back less than 18 so its crashed and I have had bilateral forearm pain for the last 3 weeks, more muscular than joint but hoping it’s the low E. I have been on TRT since 2015 after three concurrent low test readings after a period of one year which I had to wait while Endos just sat on their bloody thumbs. I was diagnosed at 35. Since than I have been on Reandron which did not help at all and raised estrogen to weekly test e and than twice a week test e to once I figured out my sweet spot.
After about 1.5 year I finally was able to obtain arimidex and do TRT properly and I occasionally order private labs as they’re cheap enough to monitor levels. My GP is not concerned with being proactive at all so as long as I have access to an AI and Primo, I will. I am currently off and running the Ksman protocol to restart HPTA to boost sperm levels as my misses and I are ready to have children. I could never get HCG on TRT as like others have mentioned and you know our Doctors are ignorant and uneducated to the scienc mate. So now running HCG for four weeks and than Nolva, I have both on hand. Hopefully once a restart kicks in I will see how we go but certainly want to get back on mate as I feel like shit. I think my low E was a result of too much AI with first few doses of HCG. I have read a bit about Dr Z but hope he does not stop seeing people as a result of him being on forums lol But would like to give him a go for sure, he certainly knows more than others. How has your treatment been going? cheers


you’re right on there @system lord it’s a bloody disgrace