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Smoothest_criminal's Log: Low SHBG, High E2, High Free T


Alcohol is a solvent and encourages the body to produce more estrogen, if you want to increase your estrogen levels, drinking alcohol is the sure way to do it.

If you can do TRT without anastrozole, I recommended not using it if you can help it.

A mediterranean diet is best for low SHBG or anyone for that matter, you will add years to your life.


Had my doc appointment yesterday. He’s happy with my levels mostly. Said my total t is roughly double my SHBG so that’s good (is this a thing?), wants me to go up to 1mg Anastrozole a week, split into .5mg Anastrozole twice a week, but I’m going to go with .25mg every 2 days on day of t injection. I asked if I need to be concerned about long term effects of low SHBG and he said there is nothing to worry about, and that that is what’s letting me get away with injecting every two days.


So I take it he didn’t bother testing free testosterone? We don’t know the binding ability of your SHBG, if it has a high binding ability free testosterone will be lower.

It sounds like your doctor is only checking total testosterone.


@systemlord Calculated FTe is posted in above pics. 931 pmol. He said that’s high and good.