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Smoothest_criminal's Log: Low SHBG, High E2, High Free T


At 50mg EOD, your basically putting in four pins for every 7day period…in other words, you’re doing 200mg per week. I agree with @charlie12 that this is still a tad high.

I remember that you were having some issues trying to determine dosing option because of your docs scripting protocol, but I’m curious as to how you landed on 50mg EOD? Was that just for convenience in splitting up that script?

If you decide you’re going to STAY on that dose (hopefully making that determination on labs and feeling very good?) then I think I would try to take the smallest amount of AI possible and see if those symptoms subsided. I would approach it carefully, as in, take the quarter pill and wait a week to see if anything is different. May be worth a try, but ONLY if you’re going to stay at that high of a dose.

The better option is probably going to be to lower your test dose considerably, but you have to decide that for yourself. If you are going to stay on EOD injections, and you are going to lower your dose, then try walking it down. Something like…

You have been at 50mg EOD, so walk down to 40mg for a bit and see what the symptoms look like after a couple weeks. If they are still there walk down to 30mg EOD for the next few weeks and reassess how you feel, etc etc. You want to make changes slowly whether you are going up or down and try to stabilize. Wild fluctuations are not good.


Thanks man. The reason I’m on 50mg EOD is because the doc wanted me to increase dose from 62.5mg e3d to 125mg e5d. My test wasn’t high enough on 62.5mg e3d. I have lowish SHBG so convinced him to let me spread it out with smaller doses. Over a ten day period, 50mg EOD = 250mg, the same as if I was on 125mg e5d. I confirmed with my pharmacist this is correct. This is also convenient for me to split up pre filled primoteston syringes that come in 1ml 250mg.

Do you know if hard sensitive nipples are a symptom of high e2?

I’m waiting on a compounding pharmacy to provide test in a multi use vial so I can have smaller doses, but still, the doc wanted me on 125mg e5d, which would make e2 even harder to control.


@systemlord @KSman @highpull any thoughts?


High estrogen usually cause my nipples to burn while my chest is hot and sore.


Certainly sensitive nipples are, not sure I’ve heard anyone describe them as hard.


Interesting, I was under the impression it could just be a result of increasing test. Worth starting anastrazole for do you think?


It is, indirectly anyway. Increasing testosterone will increase aromatization into E2. Lower dose, more frequent, injections would help reduce E2. As for starting anastrozole, you’re the one experiencing the symptoms so it’s your call. You know how uncomfortable you are and how much it impacts your life. If possible, I think I’d wait until I settled in on a testosterone schedule and go from there.


Sorry for the late reply man. Just got off work…

Yeah it kinda sounds like high E2 to me, but I could be wrong. It may be worth a wait to see if the symptoms level off and stabilize or start getting worse. At your dose it’s hard to say. Maybe give it a couple days and see and if not then try a quarter pill of your AI? Only you can say if you think they’re bad enough to go ahead or wait?


Thanks guys, I’ll keep waiting it out. It doesn’t really bother me at the moment, but that’s not to say it won’t. I just wasn’t sure if it actually was a symptom of e2.

I’ll keep you guys updated!


It should level off.

Once in a while I get sensitive nipples - Erotic sensitive. Not sure if that’s what you have but take advantage of it. Let your girl play with them.


Haha, sometimes it’s alright discomfort, other times it’s more tingly and not bad. I’ll see what the Mrs thinks :wink:


So my doc advised that with nipple sensitivity I should definitely start anastrazole. He wanted me on 1mg split in half twice a week. I’ve just taken roughly a quarter to start off small (FFS they’re hard to divide up!!)

When will I notice the effects?

Is it OK to just take it when I feel I need to, without going over the weekly dose? So on days I’m noticing more symptoms?


Quickly, within a day.

Some take anastrozole on an as needed basis, seems to work well for them.



Anyone know an easier way of dividing up the pill? I’ve tried to search but couldn’t find much. Something about vodka?

I’m I’m dosing 50mg Test E EOD should I be dosing Anastrozole EOD on the same day? At this stage I’ll probably just dose on an as needed basis, but would be good to know best practice.

Like how would I dose .25mg per week but spread out EOD?


Right, dissolve it in vodka and use an eyedropper for dosing. Not sure there is a best practice for AIs. Some do not use them at all (me currently) and others micro dose daily. However, I think most that use aromatase inhibitors use a twice weekly schedule.

At .25mg a week, eod, you’d need 0.07mg eod. That would take some math and would depend on how much vodka you used per mg. Compounding pharmacies will customize your prescription. I know they go as low as 0.125mg and don’t see why they couldn’t make 0.07mg capsules, but I’m not totally sure they could.


Are your nipples still itching? How long did the itchy last?

This is normal while you reach stable levels.
A good test is if you regularly wear a ring is it much tighter? Cause usually if e2 that high you would retain water. Some even get swollen ankles and such.

While on trt when you have confirmed labs you can see if it’s best to take ai or reduce dosage. For example if free t is above range and e2 is high you would probably lower dosage to lower e2.
The Dr suggesting 1 mg a week is probably too high. Once in a while I get itchy nipples and I have no gyno whatsoever


I have never had itchy nipples, they’ve just been getting hard and sensitive. I’ve been getting bloated, and at times my ring does feel tighter but not always. My most recent labs are attached. These were taken a few weeks back after 6 weeks of 62.5mg e3d.


Righto, so if I want to dose .125 twice a week (total of .25mg weekly) Anastrozole, I would put one 1mg tablet in 1ml of vodka and then have .125ml twice a week?


Update: I’ve been taking .25mg / quarter of a pill of anastrazole every Wed and sat. Nipples are less sensitive most of the time, but I’m still feeling moody, anxious, easily stressed, sad, like a bitch etc. a lot of the time. I’m also noticing drops in energy. Definitely my libido has dropped since upping t to 50mg EOD. And I rarely get random erections or morning erections.

I’m thinking of upping my Ai dose. I’m not yet going to decrease T as my previous dose of 62.5mg every 3 days was not cutting it, bloods were too low.

Since I’m dosing t every 2 days, would I be best to take .25mg Anastrozole at time of injection, or keep Ai to twice a week (so go from .25mg wed and sat to .5mg wed and sat)?

I was thinking of getting bloods in a few weeks when my T dose reaches steady state, but not sure if I should wait longer as I’ve been messing around with Ai and HCG doses (landed on 250iu every alternate day of T)?