Smooth Jazz

Hello all

I’m looking for some suggestions when it comes to jazz

The song I have in mind (and the type of mellow, smooth Jazz I’m looking for) is “My Funny Valentine” by Chet Baker

Can anyone suggest any other artists with tunes that have the same vibe as the above song?

Basically I’m looking for “relaxing, kick back and put your feet up while enjoying a glass of wine” type of jazz


check out st germain if ur lookin for some chill jazzy ambience music with some nice house in it

chet did that tune but it was written by rogers and hart.

you should just buy some more chet baker since he has pretty much the same vibe in everything he does.

you could try stan getz also. he has that same west coast white boy pickin up on miles’ vibe kinda thing going.

or you could go right to the source of the whole ‘cool jazz’ thing and pick up anything by miles davis from the 50’s till he went electric. miles has got several recorded versions of mfv btw.

some of my favorite chill music is miles stuff right after that though. late 60’s ish like miles smiles, in a silent way , filles de kilamanjaro etc.

I really can’t stand smooth jazz.
However,I love the traditional jazz.
I’ve studied jazz ever since I was 12 and really love the style of music.
True musicians,no doubt.