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Smolov & Upper Body Maintenance

I’m starting the smolov program next week to increase my squat. But I was wondering if there is anyone on here who has done that program and did still managed to get work done for their chest and back? And how did that work out with recovery overall? How did you incorporate that in to the Smolov Program? I’ve heard some say with all of the squattng, you’ll maintain everything else, but I would really hate to neglect it.

I’m going to go ahead and toss out deadlifts till I finish the program, just to keep the oh lower back semi-happy, and considering my DL numbers are whooping my squat and I want to focus on mainly that (lower body).

So, what kind of set/rep schemes, volume, exercises, seem to work well with all of the squatting through the week?

I did Smolov two years ago, and continued lifting for upper body. I also started wave loading along one of Poliquin’s articles (1 heavy single, 4-10 min rest, 6 RM, repeat 3-4 times). Saw excellent progress with my bench(better than any other program I did for bench), and put quite a bit on my squat as well. Also thickened up my lats and arms, while gaining about 10 pounds over a few weeks. So yes, you can maintain and also progress in addition to Smolov.

However, I was in a unique situation where for the entire Smolov, I was able to literally lift, eat and sleep, and barely anything else, so obviously I had plenty of recuperation. Others have mentioned that if you do Smolov during your normal life, it may be best to maintain everything else while you concentrate on squatting. My recommendation would be to just pay attention to how you are feeling during the cycle, and adjust volume/rest/food as necessary.

iv done smolov in a ‘normal’ life situation and could still lift upper body as normal (bench,row,ohp,cleans), just do the squats last, simple. i also drank a shit load of milk.
i think im gonna start smolov again today, i just love the set/rep scheme, i could do it all the time

I have one more week to go and I will be finished with Smolov. This is my first time doing the program and it is brutal and I loved it. For the base mesocycle, I squatted four days a week and did upper body work on two days and only rested one day a week. With the intense mesocycle, I am able to squat three days a week and do upper body two days and rest for two.

Like you said, avoid doing deadlifts, and if you want to do back, I would suggest doing it on the first day of your two day break from squatting.

When I would do chest and back and such, it would basically be for maintenance, adding a few pounds here and there, mainly due to the fact that I wanted to devote all my mental strength to squatting. However, if you feel like it, you can definitely increase your upper body strength during Smolov.

Once you begin, get ready to experience some pain you have never felt before. I had pain in my upper quads, in my shins, and in my shoulder and arm due to the lower bar position. I love it! And once I am done with this program, I would like to try it again for front squat after a break.