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Smolov Squating: The Story So Far

Well team, I have finished the fist mesocycle of the Smolov squat routine. It was tough…real tough at times. But hey, I got thru it. I didn’t do the introductory phase, I just jumped into the first 5 week cycle.

over that 5 weeks, my squat went from a lousey 242lb’s (110kg) to 270lb (122.5kg), with a full ROM being done & going deep in both lifts.

I’m going to really enjoy the next two weeks of doing a normal 5 day split, there’s nothin like a good change of routine.

When I do the 2nd 4 week cycle, I’m planning on doing the smolov Jr at the same time as the obvious 3 week squat program. It should also be tough, but worth while.

Let the good times roll!

How are you going to do the smolov jr and 3 week program at the same time?

How long have you been squatting?

How long have you been squatting?

[quote]rwhaan wrote:
How are you going to do the smolov jr and 3 week program at the same time?[/quote]

smolov jr works by, lifting monday, wednesday, friday & saturday. While Smolov Squat (phase 2) is monday, wednesday & friday. I perhaps will lengthen the 3 week jr program to work side by side with the squat program.

I’ve been squatting for 3 years now.

I’d have to look at Smolov and Smolov Jr, but I would suggest even without looking that you just do one or the other. I recall that the volume on both is very high so I really doubt you would be able to work at full intensity adding any more work to either.

Given your relatively low max and that you have been squatting for 3 years I would be inclined to look at your weaknesses first, then perhaps do a Smolov Jr using the lift that would bring up those weaknesses the best (if you like a high volume template).

Just an idea.

Wow Im in the same boat as you except I havent tested my 1 rep max yet… Congrats on completing the base meso!

My ATG squat was 255 after I did the russian strength program. I basically did the program so I COULD squat all the way down. Then I started smolov with a 1 rep max of 255. Very very tough program even tho I was by then used to squatting three times a week. Whats and extra day in there I though… Dam I was I ever wrong.

With the russian strength program MOST of the workouts were easy. Smolov, every SINGLE one was brutal. (with the except of 10x3…it wasnt as bad) 5x7 and 7x5 were the worst days for me. I was LOOPED on caffeine, superpump, and creatine for most of the workouts. Honestly dont think I would have finished without those supps. Very painful. Im still just resting before testing my max and starting next cycle. (have a very bad case of shin splints)

So yah, Ill tell ya how much Ive gained for the first cycle! Im kind of skeptic because none of the sets for the whole program required even squatting your current max…Lots of high rep work. But Ill report my results