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Smolov Squat, Smolov Jr Bench


K so I was thinking of trying something pretty intense... Running base meso smolov squat on a 3x per week basis (ie take 4 weeks instead of 3 for base meso) while simultaneously running smolov Jr for bench.

So like

M - sq 4x9
T - b 6x6
w - sq 5x7
H - b 7x5
F - sq 7x5
S - b 8x4
Sunday - Rest


Any thoughts?
I wouldn't do anything else other than some pre-hab shoulder work and light active recovery.



how much do you weigh? if youre really light I'd say go for it because smaller guys generally have a higher tolerance for high volume training and ability to recover. if youre over 200 I probably wouldnt


I'm ~180 now. Running sheiko now. Volume of sheiko is no problem (#29). Might try CMS/MS prep sheiko then try this.


I just finished doing something very similar. I did a Smolov Jr. program for both my squat and bench. It looked like this:

Tuesday: Squat 6x6
Wednesday: Bench 6x6
Thursday: Squat 7x5
Friday: Bench 7x5
Saturday: Squat 8x4
Sunday: Squat & Bench 10x3, 8x4
Monday: Bench 10x3

I gained a few pounds over the three weeks of the program (roughly 5) and I have added a good amount to my squat. I went from redlighting 390 in a comp due to depth to putting up 405 breaking parallel today. I haven't maxed on bench yet.

I felt the most strain in my back. It was tiresome, but I made it through with some good gains to show for it.


I recommend that you try #30 and #31 first. Sheiko #29 is an introductory cycle and it realy isn't that hard. After you complete it, it's easy to look at the other cycles and think "Yeah, I can do that!", but it's much harder than it looks on paper. Jumping from #29 to CMS/MS prep cycle is a big mistake for most, if not everyone.


Just put up 345 today on bench. That's a 15 pound PR since before the smolov cycle.


If you want it intense, just do the smolov base meso cycle as outlined, then do the bench sets after the squats. Don't worry, you won't die.