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Smolov Squat Program


Im thinking of starting this program, i found a site that has a calculator that gives you the exact weights to use for each day.

Has any one tried this and how good were the gain etc.


It works. Especially if you are not accustomed to the high volume of squatting, ie. you haven't been doing a 5x5 routine and squatting 3x week already.
If that is not the case, you should get 20-30 pounds to your 1rm squat in 6 weeks. Be prepared, it is grueling mentally and physically to squat 4 times a week.


has anyone done this and also done maintanence work for other body parts.


Let me ask you what else your doing with this for assistance? Any deads or benching?


I have.
Just keep the volume low. Maybe 2 sets of 8 on the rows, bench or pull ups. Don't do anything that will tax your CNS. Also, if you have access, you can do some accessory work like reverse hypers and GHR's after your squat work.

EDIT: The whole point of running a specialized program like Smolov is to increase strength in a specific lift. So, any additional work would be to maintain other body parts. Again, I wouldn't do any additional lower body work except for maybe reverse hypers for your lower back or GHR's. For upper body, stick to compound movements like rows and bench. Keep reps in the 8-12 range so you are not taxing the CNS any further.


did u maintaine ur strength in other lifts while doing maintanence. and did u still increase alot in ur squat.


im on week 3 of the base cycle, its pretty tough



Would adding a basic Westside template to the Smolov cycle be a good idea?

I'm thinking yes and no...

Yes because:
-the Westside protocol hits pretty much the whole upper body and as a result hits everything Smolov doesn't.

No because:
-You're putting extra strain on an already heavily taxed CNS which could lead to some vicious over training.

Is this the case?

If it is would changing from a 1 RM to a 3/5 RM put less (or more??) strain on your CNS?

Oh and on a side note... I would implement the Westside stuff after the first 4 week mesocycle is completed. And the ME day would start along with the "switching phase" and continue on one of the off days of the second 3 day a week meso-cycle.

It's just something I'm considering trying after my current training cycle runs it's course (which will be in about 2 weeks).


done this program twice. added 27.5kg to my 1rm first time, and 30kg 2nd time. all drugfree.

it is a great program. very hard.


I'm assuming that the introductory and base mescocycle (just doing those 2) wouldnt be advisable to someone who hasnt been training that long?


can give me a sample program of smolov squat program?thanks makis from greece.


Can you PM me the link to the site?



I ran a thread a couple months ago detailing my program while doing Smolov along with a bench program concurrently, and had great success with both, until life got in the way and I had to stop the Smolov without finishing(moved from one base to another for 1 month where I had no access to a squat cage).

But like I said, it definitely works, and I plan on doing it again after I get home.

Recommendation: Find out your exact 1RM instead of estimating like I did. I underestimated mine, and had very easy workouts during the base cycle. Still improved pretty well(estimated 375, was probably more like 405, maxed out at 445 after base cycle), but the first couple weeks of the intense cycle showed me the error of my ways. I haven't been that sore since back when I used to pray to the gods of Muscle and Fiction, and did at least 15 sets per body part. I actually thought I tore something at one point, but I wasn't that lucky, and Smolov continued...

I'm actually dreading Smolov already, and I won't be doing it for at least a month.


I read your thread a while ago and found it very interesting.

If I do start Smolov it will be coming about 1 or 2 weeks after a PL competition (is that a bad idea??) so I'll know my 1 RM fairly precisly.

Any other tips?? Thanks!


Google the Smolov Calculator.... it's really helpful.



Good idea, but do the four week work in period anyway! You need to build up work capacity...

I posted a calculator a moment ago and that will help you fill in the blanks.

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress. Start a thread, perhaps.



Would this be a good program for me to try if I am trying to get faster? how would i balance my hams with this also?


No, it will not really help with speed because this program will fry your legs to such a degree that you cannot do any speed training for 11 weeks. Plus, I guarentee you that you will gain at least an inch, if not more, on your legs when you do this. Being a former sprinter myself (high school and college) I can compare to what we did then:

speed squats (40-50% of max for 3-5 sets of 3), jump squats with 25% of max. Shute runs, 10degree incline runs and 10 degree decline runs. We would also do what they now call cluster training once every 2 weeks. 5 sets of 5 single reps with 80-90% of max.
Do your weights after the speed training...counter intuitive, I know, but with speed that's what I have noticed.

Joe DeFranco has this article on T-Nation:
Dirty Tricks for Higher Vertical Jumps
go take a look because the power needed to increase your vertical jump transfers to the power needed to get out of the starting blocks...at least that's my experience.

Hope that helps,



i have an excel spreadsheet covering smolov. pm if you need it.


I got saw that caluculator, thanks.

I intend to do the 4 week base cycle but I doubt i'll do much upper body work until that is over.

And sure.... I'll stick up a thread once I get started and let ya know how it goes. I plan on starting on April 17th.