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Smolov Squat help



I have just successfully completed the 'base mesocycle' of Smolov squat. (I have my 'testing' days due on Thurs and Friday and am very confident on a big gain)

1) Are you a fan of the program?

2) In your experience, do natural lifters get good/better results following the base mesocycle with the intense mesocycle as planned, or repeating the base mesocycle (after doing the 'switching' 2 week block)

3) What do you think of the 2 week switching block between mesocycles, anyway?
How would you go about it? I was thinking maybe a combination of dead-start bottom-up squats and prowler work...

Any suggestions would be a massive help!


*Also, just wanna give a huge thumbs up for adding in a neural ramp (to 1RM) before attempting the actual Smolov program work sets. The simple addition of a ramp to 1RM before EVERY session was probably the most important part of me getting thru the 'heavy' workouts at the end. Invaluable!