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Smolov Squat Cycle


I've read a couple of articles regarding it thanks to Google but am still a little unsure about actual implementation of it and how people fit their other workouts in. How do/have you guys used it in the past? What did you actually do during the two weeks between the mesocycles?

I'm basically just asking for some help in what the routine itself actually looks like over the 12 weeks and how other workouts (upper body) are included, if at all.

Thanks guys.


I did no other workouts whilst on the cycle and did anything except squats in between. I played some basketball inbetween and basic weight movements but nothing too intense.


Check out my thread, 'Experience on 1-6 and Smolov' in Strength Sports, that will indicate exactly what I am doing concurrently with Smolov.


Is there a book out somewhere that has a lot of these weird Russian cycles all in one place? That would be interesting.


very good thread by the way


i have a complete layout of smolov. also for switching phase complete with exercises. msg me your e-mail and i will send it.