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Smolov Squat Base Results

Hey, just thought I would make this post about the results I had with the base cycle on the smolov program. I started the program with a one rep max of around 135kg (297lbs) and after the program which is around 4 weeks I finished with a 165kg (363lbs) squat. I had a go at 170kg (374lbs) and in my view I had it but the spotter decided to assist me which kind of bummed me out but at the end of the day a 30kg improvement is extremely good in my mind when the program states 45lbs or 20kg is max.

People have then suggested that 135kg might of been to easy but in my mind I really struggled with that weight I even had a video of it but I deleted off my phone.

As a whole the program was hard, extremely hard, talk about back spasms, hemorrhoids and just plan tight muscles so recovery was a major factor. I obviously ate alot of food in my view, I fed myself mutant mass shakes and I put on around 3-5kg in weight still remained fairly lean. My back has become alot bigger plus legs so happy with the size gains, the only thing i was cautious about was my other lifts, namely my bench.

During the second week of the program I did some bench and managed a 225 bench for 7 reps an increase of 2 reps 3 weeks prior which was great. It goes to show a strong trunk, back and legs cross over to other lifts. Anyway I am going to continue to finish the rest of the program and will follow up on the results, cheers.

Im thinking of doing this, just wondering how to shape the program around it e.g when to deadlift & bench etc

[quote]jeroenD27 wrote:
Im thinking of doing this, just wondering how to shape the program around it e.g when to deadlift & bench etc[/quote]

There are a few articles on here about smolov and a thread if you search for it. As for programming, most would suggest to lay off the DL’s. Most find their DL will increase from all the squating, adding in DL’s for most would be too much for their backs to handle.

[quote]jeroenD27 wrote:
Im thinking of doing this, just wondering how to shape the program around it e.g when to deadlift & bench etc[/quote]

In my view there is no need to deadlift, people who use smolov see improvements in their deadlift whilst even doing it aswell as their bench. Mainly because of the same muscle groups that are incorporated in the squat, I also guarantee you will be shattered at the end of each workout and on rest days you wont want to go near the gym.

I worked through the base mesocycle and gained 45lbs on my squat. Went from 425 to 470.

If it is the first time running the program I wouldn’t add any extra lower body training. I did light upper body stuff between sets and that was all. I feel like I added size to my torso with minimal work.

I loved the strength gains. But it is brutal and I developed some problems with my hips in the last week that made it very difficult to complete.

I know it should be run as specified but I took extra deloads if I didn’t feel recovered enough for my next session. And toward the end I was wrapping up everything I could. Knees, hips, wrists…

The base cycle got me from 365 to 405 back when I did it.

It’s great for getting your squat up if you are getting plenty of sleep and eating a surplus.

I personally dislike neglecting the other lifts and did not experience a significant increase in my bench and deadlift.

However, I would highly recommend running Smolov Jr for bench and Smolov base together if you have the time and energy to complete both programs.

I did smolov’s last January, I absolutely loved it. My squat went from 385 to 440 on the base cycle and then up to 465 with the intense cycle. My deadlift even went from 485 to 500 which although a small gain seemed pretty good for me considering I didn’t deadlift for 3 months and it’s always been the lift I struggle with the most.

I’d like to do it again but with hindsight i’d take much better care of my body. Better stretching, more foam rolling, better warm ups. It wasn’t long after smolovs when I transitioned back into my old workout routine that things went astray. I pulled my hamstring running sprints, once that recovered I strained a hip flexor. I’m not sure smolovs had an impact on the injuries or not but I believe it did. Smolovs is a great tough effective program but be sure to take care of yourself while you do it. I can’t wait to do it again.

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Awesome thread. For those that completed the base meso cycle, what assistance did you do (if any)? I know the program says to limit it to an absolute minimum, but I’m just wondering what you all did?

First time I ran it I went from 245 to 285 max, and about 170-176 bw with no assistance at all. I did do an upper body (mostly pushing) day once/week to maintain. Looking back I would increase my kcals more and drop the volume and intensity on my upper maintenance day, or nix it completely.

This might help some too: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_strength/smolov_experience_thread_for_all

I am just starting smolov & I am wondering did you do any other leg exercises during base week? Also how long did you take your rest periods

You would have to be insane to add more leg work to Smolov. It’s a program that leaves more people injured or burnt out than anything.


I dont want to tell you what to do… but dont do any assistance work. This program is tough as hell just to complete. Many dont finish cause its too tough.

As for rest, take as long as you need. I would suggest 2 mins at minimum between sets but possibly longer. It is more important to finish the work out then to worry about rest.


Dam and here I’m thinking the thread is 6 years old, no one would still be here and bam 6 years later @Re_po replying.

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The Smolov thread will never die…