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Smolov Routine


I play football. I'm alright. To do better next year I want to get stronger. They said I'm playing varsity next year and I'm a freshman right now. I was looking around and I saw the smolov routine. Does anybody have any input on this or an alternative? My maxes are squat-280 snatch deadlift-235 (good form) bench press-165. I weight 150-155 pounds. I am a hard worker. Thanks if anyone decides to help.


Smolnov routine...I trust you know what it is. I don't play football and have only ever played rugby pretty much as a joke (I'm far too small and slow to be any good...)

Ok, the idea is get your squat up. And Trust me, you'll need all the hard work ethic you can get here. A dose or two of insanity may help. I'm shite at the squat, I'll admit it. I'm as thin as a reed (working on that) so I'm not all that good at squatting. I did a smolnov routine (from Pavel's BB book) and I did very well on it. I also got a bit bigger (sabotaged my gains to be fair by not eating enough.)

No idea if it's good for football but it's good for size (eventually anyways.) Just do it and eat imo


I did a lot of squats for football and it turned from a linemen to a fullback top of my league and the best defensive tackle in my section

i would only suggest squats once or twice a week but make sure you do it good enough so it hurts for two days


My friend told me about this routine and how it helped him but I don't have enough time. I only can workout 3 times a week (preferably 2 but I can sacrifice). Would I just do 3 days the first week, one day the next week, and then 2 days of that week and just pickup from where I left off from the previous week. Any suggestions would be good.

I guess I didn't read far enough in. I found an article that helped it is:



It's SMOLOV, no "n".

The idea of doing it scares the absolute shit out of me. I would imagine it's VERY effective if you can last the pace.

There's a lot of threads about it kicking around, there's also one called "my smolov squat experiment" on the dragondoor site that outlines someone's experience with it.


my mistake...my russian's never been my strong point.


Totally agree. It is the second hardest routine I've ever done. I did it as written for the squat but using the deadlift as my target exercise. I used only the last 4 week intensity cycle. It was brutal. I only lasted two weeks, but I tested the DL afterwards and found an increase of 40lb. I don't know if I'll ever do it again. Probably after a while. Tore all my calluses off my hands during the cycle though.

A WORD OF ADVICE: if you are not able to recover from squatting 4x a week, don't even think about this cycle. IF you still want to do this, work on your work capacity and up your squat/DL frequency gradually. Then cowboy up and do it.


What's your current split?


Oh, and you need to eat more. Get bigger=get stronger naturally. You probably won't lose too much in the way of speed either, as long as you work the p-chain.


I've got a few smolov questions, I'd much appreciate if someone took the time to give his thoughts.

First, is it based on a max without psyching up or with it?

And if its with, I'm allowed to rest-pause with the bar on my back right? Right now, there's just no way I can do my 70% for straight 9's!

I'm not jumping straight in though, I'm increasing my workload in the squat until after newyears and as an oly lifter I already squat pretty frequently but at a lot less volume. Also, my squat obviously sucks since I'm doing this.